Data Entry Championship: Who Is the Fastest - Human or AI?

Artificial intelligence (AI) is game-changing technology that can make huge improvements to your company’s internal business processes. Manual data entry is obsolete. Companies that understand this are implementing document data capture solutions that are saving them time and costs. These solutions are also increasing data extraction accuracy and employee productivity.

At the same time, however, many companies are still hiring data entry specialists to enter document data manually into their business systems. To prove how inefficient and costly this approach is, we decided to pit the manual approach against an AI-powered solution. This should settle who the real champion of invoice data capture is once and for all.

SPOILER ALERT: As you can see in the video below, it takes Data Entry Specialist Adam 8x longer to manually process the same number of invoices as AI Associate Julie, who uses an AI-powered data capture solution. The best part of this data entry championship is this: you can use the same tech as Julie to quickly and easily transform costly, error-prone data entry clerks into productive, value-creating AI associates today.


Benefits of AI


Save time and cost

Cloud-based, making it easy to integrate, deploy, and customize


Fast ROI

Browser-based, works out of the box for instant data capture


Free up resources

Cut down time spent with manual data entry


Streamline processes

Works with documents, not forms, to improve operational efficiencies

Cognitive data capture consists of initial data extraction followed by validation and final extraction.

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