Automate your customs clearance process end to end

Drive efficiency. Reduce costs.
Minimize shipping delays, inspections, fees, and fines.

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Customs clearance document automation software for business users, not your IT team

Customs clearance teams are struggling with tackling a variety of complex document types – customs invoice, bills of lading, packing lists – all in one transaction. Factor in failing to meet SLAs, goods stuck in customs leading to fines, and communication bottlenecks. And you’re leaving money on the table due to sticky processes.

Rossum automates the process end to end. Eliminating human error, increasing files per headcount, and reducing billing cycle time.

No more manual splitting
and sorting customs
clearance documents

Our AI-first, cloud-native transactional document automation platform can be customized to your specific requirements – country, taxes, currency, and more. From seamless data extraction to email drafting and document splitting, you’re in control.

With rapid deployment and reduced IT maintenance time and costs, our AI document processing platform scales with business growth. Managing workload fluctuations without hiring or outsourcing. Reducing backlogs, bottlenecks, creating a better customer experience

customs clearance document automation

Accelerate time to billing

The only platform trained on millions of transactional documents. Bills of lading to commercial invoices, packing lists to delivery notes. The faster your customs clearance process, the faster you bill your clients.

customs clearance AI

AI-first and cloud-native

Proprietary large language model that learns quickly from user feedback to get smarter
over time.

End-to-end automation

Improve profit margins by avoiding spot fines and inspections, and driving higher
asset efficiency.

customs clearance UI

We work for with you

Our AI document processing platform, designed by and for humans, to increase your team’s productivity.

Imagine a world in which one person can effortlessly process one million transactions a year

With a short time to value, our customers enjoy a fast process time,
unmatched productivity and increased accuracy.

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