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Rossum for shared service center leaders

Tame document chaos and take your organization from a cost center to an innovation hub.

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One end-to-end platform for transactional documents

Tackle a wide range of use cases beyond AP with the best AI document processing technology on the market. Eliminate manual checks and reduce error rates to accelerate processing times for invoices, purchase orders, and other transactional documents. Pull analytics for process optimization.

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one end-to-end platform for transactional documents

Automate complex workflows and increase operating margins

Set your own business rules to transform and validate data, with capabilities like three-way matching, exception handling and approval workflows. Protect your Shared Service Center against potential fraud, and safeguard sensitive documents. Automatically store the right data with a secure integration into your system of record.

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automate complex workflows and increase operating margins

Empower your team and retain talent

Free your team members from repetitive tasks like data entry and empower them to focus on higher-value activities like exception handling, supplier management, and process improvement. See Rossum’s proprietary AI learn from your team’s inputs in real time, and supercharge trust in your automation initiatives.

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empower your team and retain talent

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