Rossum for Shared Service Centers

Optimize your company SSC to drive business success with Rossum’s modern cloud-native document processing powered by AI.

Shared service centers

High-volume transactional processing, repeatability, and reusability are the cornerstones for Centers of Excellence and Shared Service Centers. Rossum can make these processes even more efficient and scalable through intelligent document processing, helping your business quickly achieve more.

optimize business functions

Optimize business functions

Increase revenue by making it easier and faster to process large amounts of documents so you can focus on building your business.

improve employee morale

Improve employee morale

Make your employees happier by reducing the amount of time they spent manually processing documents and repetitive tasks.

reduce error risk

Reduce risk of errors

Accuracy matters when processing documents and even the smallest error can negatively impact business success.

Featured Customer Story

How Veolia achieved 8x faster processing time with Rossum

Veolia, a global leader in optimized resource management, operates a shared service center serving 30 entities and over 60,000 suppliers. This level of scale created fragmentation across the SSC’s business and made achieving sustainable efficiencies difficult. To solve this Veolia chose Rossum and built a unified invoice navigation process that resulted in time saving efficiency of almost 90%.

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