Accelerate AI document processing for your front office team

Drive efficiency and accuracy with a platform that scales with growth and increased demand during peak periods.

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Document automation software for teams that generate revenue

Multiple sales channels and ineffective software are contributing to a lack of demand forecasting, zero centralized control, and supply chain complexity. With slow processing leading to delivery delays and reduced customer satisfaction.

Eliminate manual data entry and minimize human error with Rossum’s low-code, template-free AI document processing platform. Improve order accuracy and speed up order processing so your team can complete more orders in less time.

Effective resource planning, accurate demand forecasting,
and order fulfillment optimization

Your sales orders process automated end to end. Rossum’s platform offers maximum scalability and agility. With seamless communication between systems and improved inventory management, order status visibility drives a robust customer experience and increases trust.

order management document automation

Accelerate your sales order process
and increase revenue

Transactional document automation platform trained on millions of documents - invoices, receipts, purchase orders, and more. Streamlines receiving and processing orders in
your system, by integrating with your existing tech stack. Providing unmatched accuracy
and productivity.

sales orders AI

AI-first and cloud-native

No templates needed. See our AI learn instantly from your input and optimize your
document processing.

order management automation

End-to-end automation

More than data capture. Workflows transformed end to end, from answering emails to document approvals.

order management software

We work for with you

No IT skills required. Adapt our platform to your business processes through an ergonomic user interface.

Imagine a world in which one person can effortlessly process one million transactions a year

With a short time to value, our customers enjoy a fast process time,
unmatched productivity and increased accuracy.

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