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Move quickly through construction paperwork with Rossum’s modern cloud-native document processing powered by AI.


Construction companies have traditionally been piled under tons of paperwork, project uncertainties, and labor shortage obstacles. There is a way to streamline the process and create more efficient construction workers by automating their workload. Rossum can help with many parts of the construction process, including subcontractor payment interactions, change order billing, onboarding new vendors and suppliers, data entry, and more, so you can move quickly through projects.

automate data entry

Automate data entry

Automatically extract data using AI to overcome a tedious, complex process that is costly when mistakes are made.

gain insightful reports

Gain insightful reports

Gain actionable insights into financial reports that are automatically fed into your systems, enabling better financial reporting.

improve accounting

Improve accounting

Ensure detailed and error-free accounting for every item used and hour worked, optimizing invoices and the billing process.

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How modern IDP solutions can help construction firms

It’s an understatement to say that construction firms deal with mountains of paperwork. A seemingly endless amount of purchase orders, work orders, building and excavation permits, subcontractor invoices, and contracts must all be processed. Thankfully, modern intelligent document processing (IDP) solutions can handle the volume and complexity of paperwork in a construction firm. Here are a few ways the construction industry can benefit from a modern, capable IDP solution.

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