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Optimize your document-based processes when you connect Rossum with Microsoft Dynamics applications. We support both Dynamics AX and Dynamics 365 Enterprise Edition.

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Rossum Integrations

Companies choose Rossum to streamline Microsoft Dynamics invoice workflows

Most teams using Microsoft Dynamics are stuck in the endless time sink of manually entering business data. But at Rossum, we believe it’s finally time to automate data entry.

Rossum extracts and exports invoice data straight to MS Dynamics, and it even takes care of matching up the POs and vendors automatically. And invoices are just the beginning of the journey.

Rossum is able to extract key fields as well as line items from incoming documents so well thanks to its one-of-a-kind cognitive data capture technology. And because Rossum is based in the cloud, the setup and configuration is a breeze.

All your team needs to do is quickly validate pre-captured data in the most intuitive user interface on the market. This step takes just seconds and besides guaranteeing 100% accuracy, the artificial intelligence quickly learns from any corrections.

Process invoices 8x more efficiently

Replace slow, error-prone manual data entry with fast data capture that gets more accurate with use.

Verification UI

Verify extracted data in an intuitive user interface.

Export captured data

Automatically upload extracted data to Microsoft Dynamics for streamlined document processing.

Monitor performance

Rossum’s Usage Reporting Dashboard helps you continuously improve data capture efficiency.

Integrations are provided by:

Dynamics AX integration through UiPath

Seamlessly integrate Rossum into MS Dynamics AX to optimize ERP workflows.

Read more about how to set up Rossum and UiPath integration.

Dynamics 365 integration through Zapier

Zapier is a UI-based integration platform that enables you to connect Rossum with Dynamics 365 in a couple of minutes.

See our step-by-step Zaps guide.

Rossum Global Services team

Microsoft Dynamics is a highly customizable family of ERP systems, which means that you may need a customized integration for advanced features like 2-way or 3-way reconciliation. You can count on the Rossum Global Services team to set up your integration quickly.

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