Rossum for logistics and transportation

Streamline operations, accelerate turnaround, and mitigate risk with Rossum's cloud intelligent document processing platform.

Logistics and transportation companies are under constant pressure to accelerate document turnaround times to deliver on their core value proposition - speed. Traditional OCR implementations make this difficult with brittle technology, legacy interfaces, and point solutions that need to be integrated with lengthy custom development efforts.

Rossum solves these challenges with a complete platform that reduces the manual effort required to process key documents like bills of lading, certificates of receipt, and shipment verifications without extensive integrations, rebuilding OCR templates/business rules, or massive manual data entry operations.


Faster turnaround times

Unlike traditional OCR solutions, Rossum dynamically adapts to layout changes and has a modern, ergonomic validation interface that accelerates turnaround times so you can deliver on rapid turnaround times and SLAs.


Lower operational costs

Rossum dramatically reduces time spent per document by increasing straight thru processing (STP) rates, accelerating validation, and increasing your ability to automate manual work on pre- and post-processing.


Reduce risk

Rossum's end-to-end platform and extensible automation capabilities means fewer integration points and less opportunity for data entry errors, security, and compliance issues.

“All our invoices are going through Rossum; I can’t imagine our paperless AP process functioning without it.”

Michal Čípa

Information Technology Administrator

Example transportation & logistics documents

Rossum brings adaptive data capture, streamlined validation, and an extensible automation capabilities onto a single modern, cloud-based platform. Below are just some of the documents the Rossum platform can process:

Bill of lading
Customs declaration
Cargo insurance form
Test certificate
Air cargo manifest
Air loading plan
Air waybill

Auto lift inspection
Bill of entry
Bill of exchange
Buyer's order
Certificate of analysis
Certificate of origin
CMR document
Company vehicle inspection checklist
Consignment note
Consignment report
Customs road freight manifest

Dangerous goods declaration
Delivery docket
Delivery note
Delivery order
Delivery receipt
Delivery rejection notice
Dock receipt
Driver's vehicle inspection report
Event logistics form
Export declaration forms
Finished product specifications
Fumigation certificate

Goods received note
Importer security filing
Inspection certificate
Inventory consignment agreement
Inward cargo manifest
Loading/unloading plan
Loss & damage claim
Marine cargo insurance application form
Material shipping record