Rossum for Logistics
& Transportation

Improve customer experiences, reduce costs, and maintain compliance with Rossum’s modern cloud-native document processing powered by AI.

Logistics and transportation

Logistics companies face a huge barrier to speed: manual data entry and document processing. From supply chain and vendor concerns to shipping and end customer problems, Rossum solves this challenge through an end-to-end platform built to minimize manual efforts required to process documents.

improve customer experiences

Improve customer experiences

Achieve faster turnaround times for key document-based processes like customs clearance or invoicing.

lower operational costs

Lower operational costs

Avoid manual data entry and processing activities that can slow you down and cause errors with an intelligent solution.

maintain complience

Maintain compliance

Maintain proper audit trails and change histories to ensure your documentation meets strict regulatory requirements.

Example Use Cases

Featured customer story

See how PortPro used Rossum to save almost 95% time per document

PortPro provides web- and app-based transportation management systems for container drayage carriers, helping companies track, tender, dispatch, and provide customer service and billing services for their customers across the highest-volume ports in the United States. End customers found PortPro solving one of their main pain points, quickly mapping Delivery Orders to key data fields and thus removing the friction from their container tracking.

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