Blue Prism Continues to Drive Intelligent Automation Capabilities Through New Affiliate Technology Alliance Partnerships

Blue Prism’s recent announcement on the newest additions to their Technology Alliance Program.

K2, Loop AI Labs, re:Infer and Rossum join Blue Prism’s Technology Alliance Program As Affiliates Making it One of the Broadest and Most Innovative in the Industry

Austin, Texas, and London — November 13, 2018 — Blue Prism (AIM: PRSM), today announced the addition of K2Loop AI Labsre:Infer and Rossum to its Technology Alliance Program as affiliates, strengthening an already broad array of technology and independent software vendors (ISVs), that provide new and breakthrough intelligent automation capabilities. These partners enable customers to leverage Blue Prism’s Robotic Process Automation (RPA) platform to build out best-in-class solutions that incorporate cutting edge, artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, OCR and data extraction capabilities. Continue reading


Will the Virtual Office replace the Traditional Office?

As technology is advancing, the workplace as we know it is changing forever. The Mad Men-esque office environment is long gone, and in its place we are left with a question – will the traditional office survive and how will it continue to evolve in the future?

Below we have outlined the pros and cons for a traditional office and a virtual office. We dive deep and try to determine which is the better choice in the end for the employee and employer. Read on and decide for yourself.

Traditional Office: A “traditional office” has changed its meaning over the last century – from rooms separated by department, to cubicles, to open office plans – a singular definition is not possible. For the sake of this blog, let’s consider that a “traditional office” is one where the employees of a company commute to the same physical location where they conduct their work – no matter the layout of the office.

Now think of where you work – does it meet this definition? How do you feel about this type of office? What are some ways that could improve your current office situation? Read on to discover some advantages and disadvantages of a traditional office environment.

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Top 10 Trends in Payments 2018

Each year, EU citizens alone make 122 billion digital payments, including card payments, bank-transfer apps, e-wallets and others. Businesses and consumers are slowly transitioning to a cashless world, where transactions are faster and easier. Mobile apps, contactless payment cards and bitcoin, are making cash redundant. Consumers’ needs are constantly changing, along with demands for accessibility and convenience, the ability to pay from anywhere at any time will become universal. Consumers’ fraud fears are being addressed with better detection methods and more secure payment options including digital wallets, mobile apps, and biometric identity confirmation. In this ever-evolving world, many changes and advances are still to come in the next few years.

We present the following 10 trends that have shaped the payments industry in 2018:

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News From Rossum: Setting the Technology Standard

Read our latest company newsletter where we highlight our new technology partnership with UiPath and our accounting software integration with Dativery. Meet us at our Rossum // Dativery event in Prague or at the UiPath Forward Conference in London! More details below.

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Dear Rossum friends,

Another month has passed, and Autumn has emerged. Rossum is staying focused on new partnerships, our new accounting software integration and spreading the word about the advances in our AI technology. Some events are coming up that we are hosting and attending – we would love to see you there!

We want to thank those who attended our first Webinar last month and made it a success. Read on to catch up with the latest news from Rossum, and find out what to expect in the new season. Continue reading


Invoice Data Capture: Rossum Webinar

Rossum recently broadcast our first Webinar hosted by Co-Founder & Chief AI Architect, Petr Baudis, and Head of Partners & Alliances, Tobias Rataj. Catch the full webinar below where they discuss Rossum’s mission to eliminate manual data entry, while helping companies automate invoice processing. Hear about Rossum’s cognitive data capture tool and see how our client, Molson Coors, was able to eliminate the manual effort associated with invoice data entry. Stay tuned until the end to hear an interactive Q&A and look out for our next Webinar around the middle of November!