Automate invoice processing in Netsuite

Manually entering data into Netsuite is slow, error-prone, and tedious. Use Rossum’s artificial intelligence to capture data 8x more efficiently.


Rossum Integrations

Here’s why companies are connecting Rossum with Netsuite

Accelerate your AP processes. Rossum automatically extracts and exports invoice data to NetSuite, freeing your AP team from the mind-numbing chore of manually entering data and matching PO and vendor data. Use recovered time and resources to elevate AP from a cost center to a profit center.

Automated document import

Import documents to Rossum from scanners, emails, or a convenient mobile app.

PO matching

Rossum downloads PO data from Netsuite and matches it with extracted data.

Vendor matching

Rossum automatically matches captured data with your vendor database, which it downloads from Netsuite.

Real-time data upload

After a human quickly verifies data or completes PO matching, Rossum instantly uploads data to Netsuite.

Netsuite is a highly customizable ERP system, which means you’ll most likely need a customized integration that meets your specific requirements. You can count on the Rossum Global Services team to set up your integration quickly. To get started, contact us.