NetSuite x Rossum integration

Oracle NetSuite’s customers need a scalable solution that automatically ingests invoices in varying file formats and layouts, and integrates with Oracle NetSuite for a seamless flow of validated data.

Layout and language agnostic, Rossum is powered by a proprietary LLM trained on millions of transactional documents to quickly understand invoices without requiring templates. Extract, sort, validate, enrich and transport any document into Oracle NetSuite.

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How do Rossum and NetSuite work together?

  • Rossum performs invoice data extraction using advanced AI which continuously learns without the need for templates – no matter the document layout or language.
  • Rossum automatically validates the extracted data by matching it with any master data (e.g. vendor data, purchase order data).
  • Rossum transforms the output data format to the desired format for Oracle NetSuite integration.
  • Rossum instantly pushes the extracted and validated real-time data along with a PDF of the original invoice to Oracle NetSuite.
  • Rossum retrieves master data from Oracle NetSuite on a scheduled basis.

How the Rossum + NetSuite integration works

Infographic showing data flow between Rossum & NetSuite

Supported Intelligent Document Processing features include:

  • Mapping of NetSuite set up into Rossum.
  • Custom business rules for supplier checks, duplicate detection, and PO validation (2-way / 3-way).
  • Master data management: Synchronize vendor, GL, PO, currency, segment, and tax codes for validation. Rossum’s solution replicates master data using Oracle NetSuite SOAP API integration for advanced validation capabilities, ensuring the accuracy of your document processing.
  • Tax handling: Calculate and apply sales tax, VAT, and exemptions based on invoice data extracted by Rossum.
  • GL coding: Automate general ledger coding for PO and non-PO invoices with line items import existing general ledger account coding and NetSuite coding segments.
  • Approval workflows: Design linear, one-step, parallel, or automatic approval processes.
  • Storage: Automate final posting of PO/non-PO invoices and credit notes.

Rossum ingests the following file formats: PDF, PNG, JPEG, TIFF, XLSX, XLS, DOCX, DOC, XML, JSON, CSV.

Rossum + NetSuite integration benefits

Save time and money

Rossum’s Oracle NetSuite integration is built to improve efficiency and productivity by automating end-to-end invoice processing workflows and eliminating manual data entry into Oracle NetSuite.

Improved extraction capabilities

Rossum automatically ingests invoices via multiple input options from email, API, EDI to scans, no matter the language or layout. The AI extracts invoice information with high accuracy which is validated against Oracle NetSuite master data for better data control and touchless straight-through processing.

Leverage advanced AI

Benefit from Rossum Aurora, the most advanced AI powered by our proprietary LLM, which means it can quickly learn new languages, document types, as well as your custom data requirements, while templates and rule-based extraction are consigned to the past.

Highly scalable

Rossum is cloud-native, with all the benefits of a reduced Total Cost of Ownership, so it can easily scale with your business growth. Want to increase the number of documents or expand to new IDP use cases? Rossum can handle it.

Safe and secure

Rossum’s pre-built Oracle NetSuite integration is tested for bugs and security issues for a seamless hassle-free integration, reducing the cost and IT resources required for implementation. In addition, our 99.5% SLA uptime guarantee ensures stability and reduces the number of support tickets.

Our dedicated security, privacy, and compliance teams ensure your data is protected. We follow security standards for integration with Oracle NetSuite APIs and also undergo regular audits for SOC 2 and ISO 27001 certification compliance.

Security badges for Rossum + SAP integration

Customers with a NetSuite integration

We have multiple customers who have seamlessly integrated Rossum with NetSuite, including Vegware, Rohlik and DoDo.

See it in action

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