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Rossum + SAP integration

Rossum is an official SAP partner.

We have developed tried and tested Certified integrations which connect with SAP’s ERP products to enable the end-to-end IDP communication flow.

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Automation Suite 1.0 for SAP S/4HANA Cloud (SAP Certified)

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Say goodbye to manually typing data from one system to another. Rossum’s SAP certified integration with SAP S/4HANA accelerates document processing by syncing the information flow between Rossum and SAP.  This SAP integration extracts and sends validated invoice data with associated documents from Rossum to SAP S/4HANA, as well as the retrieval of master data from SAP S4 HANA to Rossum.

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How do Rossum and SAP work together?

  • Rossum performs invoice data extraction using trained AI which learns without the need for templates.
  • Rossum automatically validates the extracted data by matching it with the following master data:
    • vendor data
    • purchase order data.
  • Rossum transforms the output data format to the desired format for SAP integration.
  • Rossum pushes the extracted invoice data and PDF of the invoice to SAP.
  • Rossum retrieves master data from SAP side on a scheduled basis using SAP.

How the Rossum + SAP integration works

Automation Suite 1.0 for SAP S/4HANA Cloud – Rossum + SAP integration

Automation Suite 1.0 for SAP S/4HANA Cloud – Rossum’s SAP Certified integration

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Rossum + SAP integration

We’ve got you covered!

SAP ECC On-prem integration (Certified)

Integrate Rossum and SAP ECC with this SAP certified connector developed by our integrator partner MLR Conseil. Enabling you to automatically export documents to SAP ECC, replicate Master Data in Rossum, and keep them up to date.

SAP ECC IDoc integration

Integrate Rossum with SAP ECC for streamlined document processing. This pre-built integration automatically exports documents from Rossum into SAP ECC as SAP compatible IDoc files.

SAP Business One integration

Seamlessly integrate Rossum AI into your SAP Business One workflow. This out-of-the-box SAP integration allows you to automatically export extracted document data from Rossum into SAP Business One.

Master Data Hub

Consolidate master data. Automate document processing. Optimize operations.

Streamline your operations with Rossum’s master data management (MDM) hub. Effortlessly store and manage your critical business data in one centralized location. Rossum’s flexible matching algorithms intelligently match incoming records, while robust validation ensures data integrity. 

With Rossum you can:

  • Sync master data from any system or data source, regardless of format. No more tedious data wrangling.
  • Only pay approved vendor invoices for purchased items, reducing risk and errors. 
  • Increase straight-through document processing rates with confidence.
  • Create customized business rules tailored to your specific processes.

Rossum + SAP integration benefits

Speed up processes – streamline Accounts Payable (AP) workflows and improve the percentage of straight-through processing by combining the AI power of Rossum with SAP. 

Reduce error rates – automated data matching to check for vendor, PO data and duplicate invoices.

Minimize risk – take the risk out of integration with a tried and tested solution that has been certified by SAP. 

Work smarter, not harderleave the drudgery of data processing to AI and empower your AP team to focus on more value add tasks.

Safe and secure

Our dedicated security, privacy and compliance teams ensure your data is protected. We follow security standards for integration with SAP APIs and also undergo regular audits for SOC 2 and ISO 27001 certification compliance.

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Customers with an SAP integration

We have multiple customers who have seamlessly integrated Rossum with SAP.

Customers with a Rossum + SAP integration

Don’t just take our word for it

“With the Rossum integration into SAP, we can see directly in Rossum all the necessary data downloaded from SAP. Plus we are able to immediately get the invoice document into SAP in a few seconds.”

Kofola, soft drinks manufacturer.

See it in action

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