How AI OCR Improves Document Processing

Traditional data extraction methods, such as manual or template-based OCR software, are time-consuming, tedious, and error-prone. Not only do these outdated approaches get in the way of productivity and reduce ROI, but they also frustrate your employees.

Capture and export document data more efficiently and cost-effectively with AI-powered OCR technology. This automation solution enables businesses to quickly process large volumes of documents, reduce errors, and save resources. 

See how AI OCR software works and the advantages it offers, then discover the next evolution of this technology — intelligent document processing.

AI automation platform

Traditional vs. AI OCR

Unlike traditional OCR software, AI OCR doesn’t require specific rules or template setups. AI OCR is a much more advanced technology that makes it ready to extract data from a wide variety of document layouts right away, fully automating your document workflows.

Process thousands of documents in just minutes while boosting employee productivity and engagement. Human operators can use the intuitive UI to validate data quickly and easily, which increases the AI’s accuracy and ability to understand new layouts. 

You can also have AI OCR automatically export captured data into your business systems for a complete processing solution. From saving resources to streamlining processes, you’ll wonder why you didn’t switch to AI OCR sooner.

“We’ve done a good job of getting a very high percent of our documents through the solution quite quickly. The AI remembers everything, that's fantastic!”

Amy Rybicki, Business Process Improvements Manager, Morton Salt

4 key components

fast retraining for data extraction AI

Innovative AI engine

Original research-based artificial intelligence extracts the data


Intuitive validation UI

Simplifies and enhances the human verification process


Powerful reporting engine

Measures performance in real time

greater extensibility

Superior extension environment

Ensures effective integration and adaptation

4 key benefits

reduce time to value

Save time and cost

Cloud-based, making it easy to integrate, deploy, and customize

faster validation

Fast ROI

Browser-based, works out of the box for instant data capture

highly accurate data extraction platform

Free up resources

Achieves 95% accuracy on its own in 30 days

cloud-native document processing for accounts payable

Streamline processes

Works with documents, not forms, to improve operational efficiencies

Discover the Power of Intelligent Document Processing

Transform your organization into a digitally enabled enterprise with the next stage of AI OCR technology. Intelligent document processing is the most accurate, flexible, and scalable solution on the market, taking companies to a whole new level of efficiency and productivity.

Rossum’s cloud-based IDP platform uses innovative AI and machine learning technologies to not only automate document processing but optimize workflows. Explore intelligent document processing now to see how it gives companies a competitive edge.