Best AI OCR software for fast, accurate document processing

Capture and export large volumes of data with the best AI OCR software. Traditional data extraction methods – manual or template-based – are slow, tedious, and error-prone. Reducing productivity, ROI, and employee satisfaction.

Rossum’s intelligent document processing solution brings a unique collaboration between AI and humans. Delivering unmatched productivity and accuracy.

AI OCR software

Traditional OCR vs AI OCR software

Traditional OCR – optical character recognition – is a technology that scans an image of text and converts it into digital text. Machine readable. OCR extracts data from documents but doesn’t understand the context, meaning it’s unreliable. Leading to missing information and formatting errors. OCR also fails to recognize changes in the style of documents. Templates need to be created for each new style.

Businesses that use an OCR tool to extract data need humans in the loop, to validate and input data. Which increases the chance of manual data entry errors.

Artificial intelligence has upped the document processing game. Unlike traditional OCR, AI OCR software doesn’t require specific rules or template setups. OCR with AI is advanced technology that solves the issues faced by traditional OCR solutions. With user feedback training the model, improving it over time. Reducing manual data entry and improving the efficiency of business workflows.

Rossum’s intelligent document processing solution uses natural language processing – NLP – to extract data from large volumes of documents. This data is then validated against predefined business rules and uploaded to a database or ERP system. This OCR and AI combo can also understand data in context. With the potential to achieve accuracy levels of up to 99%.

Rossum Aurora – our advanced AI engine – is powered by our proprietary large language model. It has all the positives of LLMs but none of the negatives, such as hallucinations. It achieves human-level accuracy, fast and boasts the easiest and smartest data capture on the market. Next-generation AI for improved document understanding and end-to-end automation.

95% of time saved per document “We’ve done a good job of getting a very high percent of our documents through the solution quite quickly. The AI remembers everything, that's fantastic!”

Amy Rybicki, Business Process Improvements Manager, Morton Salt

How does Rossum's
AI OCR software work?

processing efficiency

AI OCR accuracy up to 99%

Automated classification of documents eliminates manual data entry errors that can lead to late payment penalties and fees.

time saved

82% of time saved on validation

Ergonomic UI that minimizes human time spend validating data over time with approval workflows.

verification UI

Extract from unfamiliar layouts

Rossum’s low code, template-free AI OCR software technology can extract any data, even from paper invoices in an unfamiliar format.

complex line item extraction

Complex line-item extraction

AI OCR software that accurately reads documents and can extract and understand complex objects like nested tables and grids.

Capture document data fast with
AI OCR software

automated data export

Rapid ROI & scalability

Cost effective turnkey Saas and cloud-native AI OCR solution for rapid deployment and reduced IT maintenance involvement.

language agnostic

Language agnostic

Our advanced AI OCR Engine recognizes languages that use a Latin script, with more languages being added over time.

instant learning

Instant learning

Our AI OCR instantly learns from every human input and can predict the correct data on the following documents.

improved business agility

Improve business agility

Fast turnaround times with less manual invoice processing. To benefit from early payment discounts, reduced DSO/DPO, and optimized payment process.

Discover the power of intelligent document processing

Future-proof the growth of your business with Rossum’s AI OCR technology. Our AI document processing solution can handle all document types, including those with unstructured data or complex line items.

A high accuracy, customizable, and scalable IDP solution with our proprietary Transactional Large Language Model trained on millions of transactional documents. Able to capture and understand data from previously unseen documents. Our platform brings machine learning, computer vision, deep learning, natural language processing, and robotic process automation – RPA – to the table. Helping businesses pre-process, extract, process, validate, segregate, and sort all their business-critical documents.

Rossum’s cloud-native transactional document automation platform will automate end-to-end business workflows. Eliminating manual data entry, and driving an efficient workforce for higher productivity and profitability.

the power of intelligent document processing

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AI OCR software FAQs

  • What is OCR software?

    Optical character recognition software – text recognition software or text detection software – converts scanned images of text into machine-readable text. A digital format. For example, a scanned document saved as an image file. OCR software recognizes the text and then converts the image into a text document, which can be edited.

  • Can OCR software read handwriting?

    OCR technology software relies on uniformity. So, while it can understand handwriting, unless the handwriting is 100% uniform, there will be inaccuracies. AI-powered OCR software is able to convert handwritten documents into text format, with high accuracy.

  • How does OCR software work?

    Traditional OCR software uses templates, stored fonts, and image patterns. A pattern-matching algorithm compares the scanned text with its data base, matching the text word by word. While it’s faster than manual data entry, it requires humans in the loop to validate and correct errors. AI-powered OCR uses algorithms to build a neural network. Meaning there is contextual understanding and increased accuracy.

  • What is the best OCR software?

    The best AI OCR software is a template free, low code, language and document-agnostic platform such as Rossum.