Transform how you
handle paperwork
with transactional
document automation

Invoices, bills of lading, purchase orders, and more. Swamped with an accelerating number of transactional documents? Fire up your team with unrivaled technology to tame this document chaos.

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Document chaos incoming

Billions of business transactions occur every day, across all industries. Generating mountains of paperwork. Document variability, volume, and stretched internal resources will push companies to the limit. Leading to compound complexity, disorganization, and waste.

We are looking to automate 99% of the entire transactional document process

Our AI-first, cloud-native transactional document automation platform has a mission. To enable one person to effortlessly process one million transactions a year, end to end.

Trained on millions of transactional documents, our template-free platform isn’t fazed by dynamic content and variable data. Automating your document processing and protecting you from document-based risk, such as fraudulent or duplicate documents.

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Specialized in transactional documents, our proprietary LLM technology guarantees unparalleled accuracy and speed

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AI-first and cloud-native

Proprietary LLM that learns quickly from user feedback to get smarter over time.

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End-to-end automation

Workflows transformed end to end, from reading and answering emails to document approvals.

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We work for with you

Empower your business with seamless human-AI collaboration, tailored to your needs.

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The transactional document automation journey

Unlike other intelligent document processing platforms, Rossum automates the transactional document process from start to finish. From reading and responding to emails to document approvals and reporting.

Benefit from seamless integration with your ecosystem as we adapt to your tech stack

Our customers love how customizable and fast we can deliver integrations. Our transactional document automation platform delivers microservices architecture, low-code extensions, editable code, and tried and tested turnkey integrations. Including SAP, Coupa, Workday, and more.

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Delivering business impact for our customers in record time

Reaping the benefits of a short time to value, our transactional document automation platform provides our customers with unmatched productivity and accuracy. Protecting businesses against document-based risk, while unlocking strategic insights to fuel transformation and strengthening relationships.

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