Extract invoice data faster than ever

Use AI to capture business data like a human.
Set accounts payable workflows that reduce manual data entry and avoid error-prone OCR rules and templates.

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We say “no” to manual invoice processing

Automated invoice data capture streamlines your AP process with accuracy and affordability that traditional OCR solutions can't match.

See a better way to capture data

Your company can automate invoice data capture today

Versatile precision

Up to 98% accurate data capture from any invoice layout, with no template and rule setup.

Fast deployment

Deploy Rossum into your invoice data capture process and business operations in a few days.

Continuous improvement

Rossum automatically learns from each invoice it processes, getting smarter with use.

Effort reduction

Rossum captures data 8 times faster than manual data entry for a 97% reduction in keystrokes.


Integrate Rossum via email, RPA, or API; it's fully adaptable to your business environment.

Enterprise grade

Rossum is cloud-based, ensuring high scalability and best-in-class security and data management.

Rossum helps companies of all sizes


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  • BluePrism and Rossum - partnership and integration
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Rossum can make cognitive invoice data capture this simple for you

  • 1. Collect documents from different sources

  • 2. AI extracts data, human operator reviews and corrects if necessary

  • 3. Send extracted data to company systems

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Receive documents from various sources

Use extensions for customization and integration

AI extracts data and learns from human feedback

Human operator reviews and corrects if necessary.






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Rossum can easily adapt to suit your organization's needs

Your specific environment

Rossum is an easy-to-use cloud-based plugin with no setup costs.

Your specific processes

Rossum is a natural fit for your distinct validation, workflows, and business rules.

Your specific data

Rossum keeps your data cross-referenced and on hand in your preferred format.

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We believe in open API and customization

Rossum open API

Rossum’s open API platform and RPA activities enable you to complete initial integration into business processes in hours.

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Rossum extensions

Rossum’s extension environment simplifies customization, giving integrators complete freedom to implement business rules for any specific use case.

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What our clients say

“When we first started using Rossum’s technology, we couldn’t believe how accurate it was.”

"I have never seen any OCR software like this before."

"With the intuitive interface, fast and accurate extraction, and competitive price, Rossum has become our go-to solution for invoice extraction."

“We have chosen Rossum's platform for its user-friendly interface, and its flexibility to adapt invoice scanning models to the UK council’s demands layout.”

We're freeing the world from manual data entry

Our goal is to read the most invoices in the world

Rossum is helping companies of all sizes automate invoice extraction with its revolutionary cognitive data capture solution. Our mission is to teach computers to support human creativity and unshackle the human mind from the drudgery of neverending spreadsheets.

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