a world without manual data entry

Automate data extraction from your documents with Artificial Intelligence.

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Rossum Data Capture

The next generation invoice data capture tool that works without any specific rule or template setup. Thanks to artificial intelligence.

Developer API

The Rossum API provides a universal invoice extraction service based on neural networks.

Rossum builds deep neural networks that understand complex documents

Text mining just scratches the surface of documents. Rossum’s deep learning approach replicates the care and attention of a human being, but with total consistency. Extract structured knowledge from an unlimited number of documents, in any format, and instantly expand your human capabilities tenfold.

a world without manual data entry

Human knowledge isn’t born in spreadsheets and databases. It’s born in the wild, in billions of articles, books, web pages, and documents. Today we expect humans to think like computers. But we don’t expect computers to understand human thinking. That’s just not right.

Rossum's mission is to teach computers to support human creativity, and unshackle the human mind from rows and spreadsheets.


Most data-extraction software separates the structure of a document from its content. But Rossum “sees” semantics and structural layout the way a human mind does. This key innovation allows Rossum’s neural networks to capture data from semi-structured documents with unrivaled precision.