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All the advantages of LLMs for transactional documents with zero hallucinations

Our next-generation AI is powered by our Transactional Large Language Model, trained on the most extensive dataset of transactional documents. A tailor-made LLM with none of the risks related to integrations of 3rd party LLMs with intelligent document processing.


Rossum Aurora requires 10x fewer training examples to reach must-have accuracy levels, compared to previous AI generation.


Why Rossum Aurora?

Accelerate your digital transformation journey, improve operational efficiencies, and stay ahead in the competitive landscape.

AI you can trust

Trustworthy automation

  • Advanced AI technology without any of the common LLM risks, such as hallucinations
  • Trustworthy automation that flags when confidence is too low
  • Secure, reliable platform with zero risk of prompt injection attacks or data leaks

AI you can control

Unique human-AI collaboration

  • AI that learns quickly from user feedback as it reacts to your input
  • Ergonomic UI for fast human-AI collaboration, even on complex data extraction tasks
  • Customize our AI to your needs, from data extraction to email drafting and document splitting

AI that delivers impact

Save time & free up capacity

  • With 37.6% reduction in error compared to previous generation, save time on data capture and pre-processing
  • Put Rossum AI to the test for free, with your docs and our expertise
  • Fast implementation without the need for substantial IT resources

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Rossum Aurora AI

Watch real AI in action! Rossum Aurora is leveraging the latest technological advancements to raise the performance bar of transactional document automation, with features designed to increase accuracy and efficiency, from data capture to email communication.

How does Rossum Aurora compare to other LLMs?

We have compared Rossum Aurora’s performance against the leading generic LLM, Open AI’s GPT-4, and JP Morgan’s recent DocLLM, tailored for document understanding.


1 – Reported results in DocLLM: A layout-aware generative language model for multimodal document understanding (

2 – In order to fairly compare the systems, we’ve dedicated 8 hours to set up each of them (Prompt Engineering for GPT, UI annotations for Rossum)

Aurora Instant Learning

No tech expertise needed to train our AI, as it learns from your feedback. Few-shot learning increases the accuracy of new document formats and custom fields from a handful of documents.

Aurora for Complex Tables

Documents with nested tables or other forms of complex line items are hard to capture. Our platform learns at scale from your inputs. Capturing 10s of pages of line items in seconds.

Aurora for Splitting & Sorting

Documents can come in batches, grouped as a single PDF. Speed up your processes by automatically splitting and sorting into relevant document queues as they’re received.

Aurora for Email Communication

12%+ of documents include discrepancies or mistakes that must be rectified. Accelerate their handling with AI-powered, customized email generation.

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Advanced AI for your team

AI has changed how businesses approach transactional document processing. Unlocking innovative efficiencies and insights to drive cost reduction. Our goal is to enable one person to effortlessly process one million transactions a year, from start to finish.

Head of Accounts Payable

Head of Accounts Payable

Improve financial performance and profitability.

AI accounts payable solution that integrates with your ERP system. Automating your processes to improve efficiency and accuracy. Ensuring deadlines are met to eliminate late payment penalties. Keeping your team happy by reducing tedious manual tasks.

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Head of IT

Head of IT

Improve technological safety, efficiency, and productivity.

A scalable, cloud-native, future-proof solution that can perform multiple process workflows. Providing low-code cyber security protection, a streamlined customer experience, and full integration with your existing tech stack.

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Head of Transformation

Head of Transformation

Improve margins by driving growth initiatives.

Under pressure to deliver results quickly, intelligent automation and innovation will transform processes and increase competitiveness. Accelerated operational efficiency and productivity will demonstrate a return on automation.

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The proven impact of our advanced AI

We can bang on about the accuracy of our AI document processing. We can promise a return on investment. Increased productivity and efficiency? Sure. But, why should you believe us?

“We tested Rossum Aurora, it was amazing. It got the first invoice 80% correct, then the next 100%. I would never ever change Rossum for anything else."
Ondrej Beranek, Executive Director, Veolia Support Services
“We are excited by Rossum’s next-generation AI which has increased automation rates after only a few documents in each new layout."
Vishal Karkala, Product Lead Supply Chain & Inventory, Wolt
"Rossum Aurora for Complex Tables offers an improvement in how data is captured by speeding up the processing of tables for our team, saving us time."
Laurent Laeheb, Business Intelligence Analyst, Bolloré Logistics

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See our AI document processing platform in action. A tour worth a million words.