Rossum for Retail & CPG

Retail and CPG companies can improve customer experience and operations with Rossum’s modern cloud-native document processing powered by AI.

Retail CPG

Retail and CPG companies face constantly changing document layouts, slow user interfaces, and extensive integrations. These challenges cause high costs, slow turnaround times, and embarrassing errors. Rossum's end-to-end intelligent document processing platform reduces manual efforts and makes your organization fast, efficient, and extremely accurate.

streamline operations

Streamline operations

Enable cost savings throughout the entire retail value chain from procurement to inventory management and sales to distribution.

increase revenue

Increase revenue

Remove document-based bottlenecks and enable faster turnaround times and more streamlined processes with intelligent document processing.

improve employee engagement

Improve employee engagement

Strengthen workforce productivity and accuracy by automating repetitive tasks and removing most human involvement.

Example Use Cases

Featured Customer Story

Rohlik relies on Rossum to reduce time spent on document processing

Rossum has processed invoices for Rohlik since 2017. Since then, the company reported EUR 2B turnover in 2019, has surpassed 20,000 orders per day, and has expanded to five European countries. With Rohlik’s growth, Rossum’s solution improved at a similar pace. We allowed the company to keep its financial department lean and flexible while utilizing Rossum, with its AP team staying at its original headcount despite the massive company growth. See the customer story to learn more.

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