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Rossum for retail & CPG

Streamline business operations with intelligent document processing, to prioritize increasing sales and improving customer service.

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One platform for CPG & retail automation of all your documents

Invoices, purchase orders, bills of lading, goods receipt notices, proof of delivery notes… Identify, classify and process all your critical transactional documents across inventory management and supply chain. Rossum’s template-free intelligent document processing solution easily tackles diverse document formats. Reducing the time, resources, and errors caused by manual data entry. Streamlining the procurement process and improving the customer experience.

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one platform for retail automation

Language-agnostic platform for global businesses

Rossum’s cloud-native platform, trained on millions of transactional documents, uses natural language processing to enable efficient document processing in multiple languages. With the ability to learn new languages in a matter of days, as demonstrated for the Master Trust Bank of Japan, Wolt, and many other clients. Our advanced AI brings a human-AI collaboration that can be tailored to your specific business needs. From data extraction to email drafting and document splitting.

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language-agnostic platform for global businesses

Strengthen relationships with customers and partners

Advanced security features ensure that customer data is protected against fraud and cyberattacks. While full visibility of document workflows provides real-time strategic insights on performance. Helping you identify bottlenecks and possible improvements. The Rossum platform easily integrates with your existing tech stack (ERP, P2P, etc.) without disrupting operations. And a low-code environment ensures fast onboarding.

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strengthen relationships with customers and partners

Seamless CPG & retail automation with intelligent document processing

Explore real-world success stories from industry leaders such as Morton Salt, Rohlik, and Wolt. Discover how Rossum is unlocking efficiency and growth.

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