The Rossum Platform

A single platform designed to minimize the time your organization spends processing documents.

Today’s document processing solutions fail to deliver a fundamental promise: minimizing time spent on manual work. New layouts break your data capture, validation efforts are slow, and hours are wasted sending emails back and forth about exceptions. Rossum solves these challenges with a single cloud-native platform that powers the entire document processing lifecycle.


Automate complex intake and document preparation.

Flexible intake and pre-processing functionality ensures your process gets off to a fast start.

  • Intake documents across any format or channel
  • Automatically follow-up up and avoid emailing back and forth with senders
  • Filter out spam or unnecessary documents
  • Sort and organize documents with a flexible queuing system

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Data Capture

Adaptable data extraction when layouts vary.

Accurately read documents even when layouts vary and save time building templates or business rulesets.

  • Adapt to layout changes without new templates or business rules
  • Pass detailed inputs into your validation process
  • Extract and understand complex objects like nested tables and grids
  • Improve with every human hover, keystroke, and mouseclick

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Validation of data from a tax invoice in Rossum's AI document processing platform.


Minimize time spent on manual review.

Industry-leading ergonomic validation interface lets you easily move through validation efforts with speed and accuracy.

  • Save time with ergonomic validation directly integrated with the data capture engine
  • Improve algorithms with every click and keystroke
  • Prioritize and organize work using a flexible queuing system
  • Streamline work with attribute-level confidence and accuracy scoring

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Complex line items captured in Rossum's AI document processing platform.


Eliminate manual work from post-processing efforts.

Rossum’s automation marketplace and extensible low-code platform provide the flexibility you need to customize your document automation process.

  • Implement pre-built extensions with common functionality like calculations, sorting, 
  • Build your own serverless or webhook-driven business logic in a robust low-code environment
  • Send real-time document updates to partners
  • Avoid manual back and forth emailing with your business partners around error checking and followups

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Apps available in Rossum's AI document processing platform store.


Stay on top of your operation with built-in reporting.

Rossum’s reporting and insights engine generate a suite of useful reports without any integrations or BI requirements.

  • Report and adhere to top-line SLAs without any configuration
  • Drill-down into field and user-level metrics
  • See granular data like validation times per document at a glance

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Usage Report dashboard example on Rossum's AI document processing platform.


Keep your entire operation secure and compliant

Rossum brings enterprise-grade security features and procedures.

  • Support ISO, SOC 2 Type 1, and HIPAA compliance
  • Perform granular role and user management
  • Maintain detailed audit trails and logs for each document

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Seamlessly integrate with tools across your operation

With a turnkey cloud platform, Rossum integrates across your entire technology portfolio.

  • ERP providers
  • RPA systems
  • Document Management
  • eMail services, Accounts Payable, and more

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