Transform business workflows with intelligent document processing

Automate the transactional process end to end & unlock strategic insights with our AI-first, cloud-native platform.

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Intelligent document processing that automates your document process workflows end to end.

Shaping a future in which a single person can effortlessly process one million transactions from start to finish. In one year.

How Rossum is accelerating beyond intelligent document processing

Rossum Aurora, our proprietary transactional LLM, has been trained on millions of transactional documents. With enterprise-grade safety built in, our advanced AI is language agnostic and 100% template-free. So it never gets rattled by dynamic content and shifting data. Automating your transactional documents and protecting you from document-based risk, such as fraudulent or duplicate documents.

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Capture data without having to create templates

Accurate data extraction and increased automation, even when document layout changes, with deep learning neural networks.

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Maximize your return on automation

Rapid deployment and reduced IT maintenance costs with turnkey SaaS, low-code, cloud-native solution.

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Automate your document communication

Fast resolution of supplier issues. Clear approval bottlenecks and define your own processes with our end-to-end IDP solution.

The intelligent document processing journey to the future

Rossum's language-agnostic transactional document automation platform is designed to be managed by business users, not your IT team.


Automate data capture at speed

Automated classification of documents eliminates manual data entry errors that lead to payment charges and penalties, and reduce supply chain disruption.

  • Extract data from documents across all formats and channels
  • Automate communication to avoid manual follow up
  • Filter out spam and duplicate documents
  • Route documents with a flexible queuing system

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Data capture

Adapt to document layout changes

Accurately read documents even when layouts vary and save time building templates or business rulesets.

  • Adapt to different styles of document without new templates or business rules
  • Pass detailed inputs into your validation process
  • Extract and understand complex objects like nested tables and grids
  • Learn with every human hover, keystroke, and mouseclick

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82% of time saved on validation

AI-powered data capture solution understands dynamic documents with fields that move or change size.

  • Read documents like a human, adapting to changes in style and formatting
  • Automated data extraction ensures all documents are processed according to predetermined policies
  • Minimizes human time spent validating data over time with approval workflows
  • Data extraction engine that learns with every human keystroke

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Dispense with manual data capture

End manual tasks like calculations, sorting, or email back and forth on your processed documents.

  • Develop automations with our extensible low-code interface
  • Tap into pre-built extensions with third parties
  • Avoid communication bottlenecks with third parties
  • Keep everyone on the same page for all documents

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Access to analyzable data

Built-in reporting and dashboards to view key metrics, spot trends, and identify document processing optimization insights.

  • Drill down into users, queues, document types, and fields
  • Meet delivery SLAs with error-free data
  • Identify and investigate field-level accuracy
  • Ongoing performance improvement with Usage Reporting dashboard

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Seamless integration with your ecosystem as we adapt to your needs

Our cloud-native intelligent document processing solution is highly customizable. With microservices architecture, low-code extensions, editable code, and tried and tested turnkey integrations. Including SAP, Coupa, Workaday, and more.

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Intelligent document processing delivering business impact for our customers in record time

Learn how global companies use AI document processing across industries to identify real-time insights to drive transformation. Achieving unmatched productivity and accuracy.

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