Eliminate manual tasks like calculations, sorting, or email followups on your processed documents.

Even after the document is processed and validated there’s often a lot of work to be accomplished. Calculations are performed, custom business logic needs to be applied, and sometimes manual back and forth with the sender is needed. Rather than requiring extensive integrations or various products, Rossum brings all of this functionality onto a single end-to-end platform.

Low-code environment

Build automations with an extensible low-code interface.

While document handling operations like calculations, sorting, or communications are almost always necessary, they often require external systems or manual work to make automation a reality. Rossum brings this functionality onto the platform natively so you can build a wide range of functionality in a turnkey, serverless environment. This results in a faster, more efficient way to automate document handling without extensive coding or manual effort.



Tap into pre-built extensions and automation functions.

It’s no surprise that documents often require followup back to the sender. Today, letting these documents into your process wastes time and effort. Rossum automates these communications based on business rules like missing attributes or wrong values so you can fix these errors before your process starts. This allows you to fix errors before your process starts, saving you time and effort.



Filter out spam and unnecessary documents 

Despite best efforts, spam and unnecessary documents can often enter your process. Rossum automatically manages duplicates, splits documents, and checks auxiliary data and spam. This drives less waste in your extraction process and work is minimized downstream.



Sort and organize with a flexible queuing system.

Sending extraction and validation to the right queue can save valuable time later. Rossum allows you to classify work across an unlimited number of queues and sort documents extraction and validation. Queues can be grouped together to create complex workflows saving time and effort into your downstream process.