Rossum for Manufacturing

Optimize your Manufacturing company’s documentation with Rossum’s modern cloud-native document processing powered by AI.

Industry - manufacturing

Manual data entry is still used by many manufacturers, slowing down turnaround times, stifling innovation, and creating costly quality control errors. From inventory management to purchasing and shipping, Rossum reduces the manual effort required to process key documents and gives manufacturers the flexibility they need to become a truly agile enterprise.

reduce costs

Reduce costs

Eliminate waste and save time across every process and workflow involving documents throughout your organization.

improve agility

Improve agility

Unlock growth and scale with greater confidence and control of each and every process involving manual data entry.

mitigate risk

Mitigate risk

Ensure important quality control documents like certificates of analysis meet compliance requirements from start to finish.

Featured Customer Story

See how Morton Salt used Rossum to save almost 95% time per document

As a major industrial supplier, Morton Salt’s data entry team had seven specialists focusing on the steady stream of purchase orders from a variety of customers. Each document set had its own unique format, which caused significant manual effort. To solve this, Morton Salt deployed a highly accurate data capture engine, trained specifically on Morton Salt’s purchase orders, and achieved almost 95% time savings per document.

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