rossum for manufacturing

Rossum for manufacturing

Increase operational efficiency through AI-powered document automation, from invoices to purchase orders.

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Streamline document processing end to end

Easily capture, validate and approve invoices, order forms and quality assurance documents, no matter the language or document format. No templates needed. Rossum’s manufacturing process management software powered by next-generation AI adapts to your business needs, captures custom fields, transforms values to desired outcomes, and enables you to handle exceptions such as price or quantity discrepancies seamlessly.

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Protect your downstream system from faulty data

Validate the extracted data by automatically matching it with the necessary order forms, or master data sets. Connect your downstream system (SAP, Coupa, NetSuite, and more) to Rossum and ensure only the best data gets into it.

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Manufacturing process management software shows a person wearing goggles, hard hat, and overalls and using a clipboard.

Elevate the experience of your customers and suppliers

Maximize relationships with suppliers and customers with accurate document data that can easily & quickly be accessed in your downstream systems. Automatically update your vendors on invoice status, and create approval workflows for your documents to ensure compliance.

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Transforming manufacturing with
intelligent document processing

Explore real-world success stories from industry leaders such as FINN, Wolt, and Morton Salt. Discover how Rossum is unlocking efficiency and growth.

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