healthcare automation and insurance automation

Rossum across industries

Be it healthcare, insurance, finance, or business, AI document processing will eliminate manual tasks, improve efficiency, and ensure compliance.

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Process new document formats seamlessly

From healthcare automation to insurance automation, our advanced AI – Rossum Aurora – has been trained on millions of transactional documents and can tackle all formats. Invoices, purchase orders, bills of lading, certificates of analysis, insurance claims, lab test forms, etc., without the need to create new templates. Process large volumes of semi-structured and unstructured documents, capture data from custom fields, and learn from user feedback.

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process new document formats seamlessly

End-to-end automation & reduced manual tasks

Automate your document processes end to end. From document understanding to workflows and communication, extensions and integrations to reporting and insights. Our ergonomic user interface provides an efficient, reliable and fast human-AI collaboration, even on complex data extraction. Minimizing the need for manual intervention and reducing error rates.

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reduced manual tasks

Document-based risk protection

Protect against document-based risk with AI-powered fraud detection trained to identify anomalies, irregularities, and patterns. Continuously learning and adapting to new frauds. With compliance with industry regulations and data security, a given.

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document-based risk protection

Automating document processing across industries

Explore real-world success stories from industry leaders such as Master Trust Bank of Japan, Adyen, and Kiwi. Discover how Rossum is unlocking efficiency and growth.

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