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Quality assurance

Reduce errors and streamline validation to optimize your QA efforts with Rossum's modern cloud-native document processing powered by AI.

Effective quality management helps your organization meet regulatory and stakeholder expectations as well as build customer trust. However, administering these standards can be expensive and time-consuming, particularly if you’re reliant on manual document processing and data entry. Rossum solves this challenge by automating the extraction, validation, and recording of key quality assurance data so your team can focus on what matters most: your products.

reduce costs

Reduce costs

Avoid the manual effort required to process quality assurance documents like certificates of analysis and defect reports.

increase revenue

Increase revenue

Improve stakeholder trust in your downstream value chain by providing and cross-checking accurate components.

maintain compliance

Maintain compliance

Prevent costly returns, replacements, or customer complaints associated with missed requirements or manual errors.

"The entire process, from purchase to deployment in our infrastructure, took us less than 3 days.”

Michal Čípa

Information Technology Administrator

Featured Customer Story

How Molson Coors saves 76% of its time on document processing with Rossum

Since implementing Rossum, invoice data can be extracted without the tedious manual data entry that was once necessary. Total time saved is estimated at 80%, driven by a significant reduction in time spent validating output – an estimated reduction of 80 seconds down to just 17 seconds per page. Learn more in the customer story.

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