Optimize accuracy and productivity in QA workflows

Boost customer satisfaction with punctual deliveries
and verified product compliance.

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Secure effective quality management that reduces costs, increases revenue, and maintains compliance

Maintaining compliance while manually processing large volumes of QA documents – certificate of analysis, defect reports, test cases, bug reports – increases the likelihood of errors. This creates communication bottlenecks and slows down production. Resulting in potential risk exposure and customer complaints.

Rossum’s advanced AI – Rossum Aurora – quickly learns from user feedback to adapt to new document types and custom fields. Bringing unmatched productivity and accuracy, protection against document-based risks, and improved stakeholder trust.

Accurate and timely data for improved QA management

Our scalable platform automates document processing end to end. From capturing complex line items to automatic document splitting & sorting to discrepancy email communication. With our AI engine – powered by our proprietary LLM – bringing enterprise-grade safety.

quality assurance document automation

Manage risks and ensure visibility of your quality management system

Our unique Transactional Large Language Model brings the full power of LLMs to QA documents such as certificates of analysis. But with increased levels of trustworthiness, safety and customizability. Ensuring consistent quality and compliance.

AI quality assurance

AI-first and cloud-native

Proprietary large language model that learns quickly from user feedback to get smarter
over time.

certificate of analysis automation

End-to-end automation

Improve profit margins by avoiding spot fines and inspections, and driving higher asset efficiency.

quality assurance software

We work for with you

Our AI document processing platform, designed by and for humans, to increase your
team’s productivity.

Imagine a world in which one person can effortlessly process one million transactions a year

With a short time to value, our customers enjoy a fast process time,
unmatched productivity and increased accuracy.

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