Customer Stories

See why hundreds of companies use Rossum to improve operating efficiencies, drive revenue, and reduce risk.

Morton Salt

“With Rossum, we see impact early on: from reducing overhead costs to increasing the speed of commercial transactions and significantly reducing the risk of exposure. The solution has a positive influence on both internal users and our clients”

Ryo Kawaguchi


"We are fundamentally changing the vision of what an invoice means in our company. We have been upfront - every single invoice is a big needless hassle. Accepting this mindset allowed us to turn around the entire data entry process."

Ondrej Beranek

SSC Director

“We’ve done a good job of getting a very high percent of our documents through the solution quite quickly. It remembers everything, that’s fantastic!”

Amy Rybicki

Business Processes Improvements Manager

“We chose Rossum’s platform for its user-friendly interface and flexibility, which enabled us to capture data from the unique layout of UK council rates demand documents.”

Justin Strydom

Director of Automation Services at Open Box

“Rossum helped us solve Evologics’ initial digitalization challenge, and all the newest features allow us to find new ways to improve and optimize continuously. As an innovative company, it makes us happy to use innovative solutions.”

Francisco Bustamante

Senior Operations Manager

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