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EvoLogics GmbH is a high-tech enterprise with headquarters in Berlin, Germany. The company caters to the maritime and oceanographic industries, designing and manufacturing wireless underwater communication systems based on bionic concepts. Launched in 2000 with a strong group of scientists and R&D experts, EvoLogics aims to develop innovative technologies through interdisciplinary cooperation between state-of-the-art engineering and life sciences.

Research and innovation are the cornerstones of EvoLogics. The company has been undergoing a digital transformation on its journey to digitize and implement more efficient systems and processes across the board.

The Challenge

The main challenge was the inability to capture all helpful metadata to build a rich and robust supplier and product database that the team could reference in the future.

Due to the highly innovative nature of EvoLogics’ manufacturing process, its portfolio of suppliers is extensive, with one-off experimental purchases being the norm. With the internal tasks and processes piling up, the need for transition to simplify overnights, centralize, and integrate different systems became obvious. The searchability across all accounting activities, invoices, and supplier data were especially important for process optimization.

The Solution

Before settling on Rossum, the team looked at some open-source tools that smoothly integrate into the existing workflows. Rossum’s well-defined API capabilities and business-friendly user interface balance EvoLogics’ need for extensive integrations and the ability to deploy and adopt a new solution quickly. 

Additionally, the EvoLogics team had fully embraced the email upload of documents into Rossum, benefitting from the additional extension, such as document sorting at the pre-processing stage. The digitization process is natural for most suppliers, with more and more business partners submitting their invoices in digital format.

While invoice processing constitutes the bulk of EvoLogics’ processing efforts, the company also has a team dedicated to processing the delivery slips and matching the information to the invoices and purchase orders (POs). This additional stream of data feeds back into the supplier data repository. 

Rossum’s line items support provides additional value that the team couldn’t get with its previous setup. By capturing the line items with high accuracy, the EvoLogics team ensures that the secondary data from the invoices are accounted for, which helps to log all transactions properly and allows for the metadata to be referenced for product descriptions and additional supplier information when needed. As the final step, the extracted data is plugged into the ERP downstream system via the integration, closing the document processing cycle.

The Impact

The team at EvoLogics is now able to save at least ¾ of its time previously spent on invoice processing. These considerable time savings are possible because EvoLogics fully embraces various capabilities of the Rossum platform. On top of the traditional data capture solution, EvoLogics leverages multiple extensions and webhooks capabilities to automate data matching and pull the additional context that would be omitted were the team to perform the data capture manually.  

The company achieved a flawless end-to-end integration of Rossum into its existing systems and ultimately did away with manual data capture. Automation and the ability of the AI to automatically pull the metadata from line items that would not be captured significantly sped up processing and saved the time equivalent to employing a full-time data entry specialist.

“Rossum helped us solve Evologics’ initial digitalization challenge, and all the newest features allow us to find new ways to improve and optimize continuously. As an innovative company, it makes us happy to use innovative solutions.”

Francisco Bustamante, Senior Operations Manager

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