About Rossum

A modern, cloud-native intelligent document processing solution serving hundreds of customers around the globe.

Rossum’s mission is to make B2B communication frictionless.

Documentation enables communication between companies, vendors, and customers. Data from those documents have to be reentered, corrected, or transformed for every document. So why hasn’t technology made this process more efficient?

Despite huge advancements over the last several decades, computers still aren’t great at reading documents. Layouts change, numbers move around, different terms are used as labels. The bottom line is unless a document’s layout never changes it’s very difficult to automate.

Rossum was built to solve this challenge. What began as a Ph.D. research topic from 3 students in Prague, a solution was born to address the lack of intelligent document processing. Instead of relying on traditional techniques such as OCR or templates to extract data, Rossum uses advanced AI to “read” documents much like a human.



Rossum understands layouts, terminology, and even formatting cues within documents, and is able to adapt to changes in layouts in a much more resilient way than traditional solutions. Combine this with a set of smart automation tools and a streamlined validation workflow and you have a robust solution to the document automation challenge.

The result is higher automation rates, less time spent manually entering data, and confidence that your paperwork can be handled with much less human effort. Your docs, done.

Master Trust Bank of Japan
Morton Salt

Customer Impact

Nothing is more important than creating impact for our customers, which vary from smaller commercial businesses to Fortune 100 enterprises.

  • 82%

    average time savings per customer

  • 200%

    annual document growth

  • 130%

    annual customer retention rate

Our Values

At Rossum all of our interactions, from internal meetings with peers to executive-level customer conversions, are guided by our values.

strong opinions

Strong opinions, weakly held

It is good to have strong opinions! However, unless based on data, opinions must be treated as mere hypotheses. No matter how strong, in the face of new evidence and sound arguments, always be open to changing your opinion.

Learn fast

Work smart, learn fast

Learning is the most basic skill we look. As learners, we love to look to our role models; but where we are pioneers, we always look for lessons learned. Ultimately, we measure results, not hours - no matter if achieved by prioritizing well or working hard.


Differences make us strong

Differences can come in many forms: gender, nationality, race, experiences, and more. We view diversity as a strength. As a company, we want everyone to pursue the same ideals. That starts with respecting our differences.

Global community

There are different community hubs around the world where people can operate in a flexible work environment. Some Rossumers are working remotely, and they are visiting our hubs periodically to get to know co-workers in person.

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