Stay on top of your entire document processing operation with a single pane of glass.

Rossum’s built-in reporting and dashboards allow you to analyze data across your document processing operation from a single place, without any additional programming or configuration. Stay on top of overall document processing time SLAs, drill into specific users, document types, or even fields.

Build in dashboards

Stay on top of key service level agreements

Tracking and optimizing document turnaround time is vital to optimizing your organization’s document processing efforts. Out of the box, Rossum’s usage dashboard calculates average turnaround time and allows you to drill into specific users, queues, or document types to learn more and improve your process.


Build in dashboards

Improve processes with granular time spent reporting.

Understanding time spent per document, the actual time spent validation, can help better forecast volumes and improve operations. Rossum provides detailed reporting by queue, user, or document type. Learning from more efficient employees can lead to great advancements in your operations.



Filter out spam and unnecessary documents 

Despite best efforts, spam and unnecessary documents can often enter your process. Rossum automatically manages duplicates, splits documents, and checks auxiliary data and spam. This drives less waste in your extraction process and work is minimized downstream.



Sort and organize with a flexible queuing system.

Sending extraction and validation to the right queue can save valuable time later. Rossum allows you to classify work across an unlimited number of queues and sort documents extraction and validation. Queues can be grouped together to create complex workflows saving time and effort into your downstream process.