News From Rossum: Upcoming Webinar

Catch our Company Newsletter below where we have highlighted our upcoming Webinar along with new integrations with Box and Dativery. Join us at UiPath Forward events in Miami and London. Stay tuned for a line items update!

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Dear Rossum friends,

While summer may be coming to a close, and we hope you enjoyed your holidays, there are exciting things to expect in the next season.  We scheduled our first Webinar on the 26th September – we would love to see you there! We’ll introduce Rossum’s technology and walk you through some successful use cases. Meanwhile, we are steadily building up our integration options – with Box and pre-launch Dativery beta in the last month, but so much more to come.

Catch up on the latest news from Rossum, and find out what to expect in the new season.

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Discovering AI Solutions at BoxWorks

We recently had the pleasure of speaking about Rossum’s cognitive invoice data capture solution at BoxWorks 2018. We were in the company of many other brilliant minds who have developed new technology to improve business processes. In this blog we will discuss the other AI companies who were invited to speak at BoxWorks in the “Discover AI for…” presentation series. From capturing data from contracts, invoices, images, HR, leases, contact center calls, IDs, these companies are breaking the barriers when it comes to the daily use of AI.

Discover AI for Invoices: Rossum
Rossum’s cognitive data capture solution, Elis, works on a wide variety of invoices just out of the box. We dare to say this service is revolutionary because it works without any manually set up extraction rules or templates thanks to our deep learning technology. Learn more by checking out our full presentation slides or trying it out on your own invoices.

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How a DMS Company Implemented Cognitive Invoice Data Capture

Our client, a DMS provider, specializes in electronic data interchange (EDI), which is a system for paperless exchange and processing of structured documents such as orders, invoices (and many others) in electronic form. In addition, our client runs its cloud-based Document Management System for a large group of clients.

Our client implemented Rossum’s Elis to process all PDF and scanned invoices, which were previously processed manually. This saves time without having to implement any templates, and improves accuracy thanks to the AI. Continue reading


The Future of Data Capture Systems (2/2): The Rossum Approach

This is the second part of our special founders blog post on data capture technology and how Rossum represents a radically different approach to the whole problem of information extraction from business documents.

Last time we covered the fundamental issues of the traditional OCR systems due to their machine-like approach, in contrast with the magical efficiency of human mind in this task. Now, it’s time to delve into how exactly we replicated the human approach using deep learning, and show that it certainly is delivering as promised. Continue reading