6 Ways Intelligent Document Processing Improves Quality Assurance

Quality assurance is essential to any production process, yet many companies still rely on outdated manual processes that waste time and resources. Fortunately, there’s an automated solution that improves quality assurance — intelligent document processing (IDP).

See how Rossum’s AI-powered platform helps organizations achieve effective quality management that reduces cost, increases revenue, and maintains compliance.

Common Quality Assurance Problems

Quality assurance (QA) is any systematic process of determining whether a product or service meets certain requirements. QA professionals ensure that the final product/service meets customer expectations and complies with relevant regulations.

While vital for organizations, QA management comes with challenges. For example:

  • Administering QA standards can be expensive and time-consuming
  • Manual document processing and data entry increases the likelihood of errors
  • Inadequate information creates bottlenecks that slow down production

The good news is there’s a better way to manage QA in your business with the right automated solution.

How Intelligent Document Processing Improves Quality Assurance

QA is often difficult to implement and maintain, particularly in large organizations with many different departments and processes. Explore the ways that QA teams use IDP technology, from improving efficiency and accuracy to maintaining consistent quality and compliance.

1. Time-Saving Automation

Manual document processing and data entry take up a lot of time that could be used on important QA tasks like testing products and getting customer feedback. With intelligent pre-processing, professionals save time on documents, which allows them to devote more attention to higher-value activities.

2. Flexible Data Extraction

Traditional OCR (optical character recognition) software works fine with standardized documents but runs into issues when there are changes. Rossum’s data extraction engine reads and understands documents much like a human, taking into account context, formatting, and labels.

3. Accurate Data Capture

Having accurate and timely data is crucial for effective QA management. Unlike OCR, where you have to build or modify rulesets, IDP automatically adapts to different document formats and data types. This both increases data capture accuracy and saves time.

4. Faster Data Validation

Downstream work relies on the efficiency of information passed back to the process. IDP reduces the efforts required to check and validate data capture results, streamlining your process. Rossum’s validation fully integrates with the extraction engine, passing attribute-level accuracy and confidence into your validation workflows.

5. Better Record Keeping

Records help your QA keep track of what they’ve done, what they need to do next, and lets others know about progress toward goals. However, documents can fall through the cracks with manual reporting. Improve records by storing and managing your documents in one central IDP platform.

6. Enhanced Security

Security and trust are crucial for upholding the highest QA standards. Rossum’s set of policies, procedures, and controls are designed to ensure your QA data’s confidentiality, integrity, and availability.

Benefits of IDP Technology for Your Organization

Now that you have a clear idea of how IDP can improve your QA management, let’s take a closer look at how it translates into benefits for your organization. 

  • Reduce Costs: Lower your labor costs with efficient processing for QA documents like test cases, certificates of analysis, and defect reports.
  • Increase Revenue: By keeping your customers happy with consistent quality, you can maintain constant revenue and even increase your expected revenue by enhancing your reputation.
  • Build Trust: Increase stakeholder trust in your downstream value chain by delivering and cross-checking accurate components.
  • Maintain Compliance: Prevent missed requirements or manual errors that can lead to costly returns, replacements, or customer complaints.

Take Your Quality Assurance to the Next Level

As development and production increase, the complexity of quality assurance grows exponentially. Manual document processing is not only inefficient and creates bottlenecks, but it’s also risky. Improve your QA management with intelligent document processing to boost your company’s revenue and reputation.

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