Is It Possible to Eliminate Manual Data Entry in 2023?

Is It Possible to Eliminate Manual Data Entry in 2023?

Manual data entry is time-consuming, expensive, and prone to errors, yet many organizations still rely on this approach. Technology has changed a lot in the last decade and shows no sign of slowing down. So, is it possible to eliminate manual data entry in 2023?

With intelligent document processing (IDP), not only is it possible, but it’s happening already. Cloud automation solutions are becoming more accessible, reliable, and cost-effective every year. By leveraging IDP, your company can eliminate a range of manual tasks, such as intake, data capture, and extraction.

Discover how IDP enables companies to eliminate manual data entry, so they can save resources, increase accuracy, and streamline workflows.

Why you should replace manual data entry with IDP

Today’s businesses are drowning in paperwork. Manual data entry processes take up valuable time that could be used on higher-value activities and often come with a high risk of errors, hindering your ability to ensure the integrity and accuracy of your data.

Rossum’s IDP platform uses advanced AI technologies to automatically capture and extract relevant information from your documents, regardless of type and format. This eliminates manual data entry tasks while enabling you to store useful details faster and more accurately than ever before.

Errors that could have been caused by mistaken data entries are also minimized when you adopt IDP as part of your workflow. In addition to mitigating risk, IDP saves organizations money by increasing efficiency and reducing labor.

How IDP enhances data entry with speed and accuracy

The benefits of IDP are clear, but you may be wondering how it exactly eliminates manual data entry. Here are the ways IDP removes manual roadblocks for quick and accurate data entry:

Automates pre-processing

A lot of effort goes into preparing documents before the data can be entered. The first step in eliminating manual data entry is automating your pre-processing.

IDP sets your data entry up for success by intaking documents across any format or channel and automating communications to avoid manual followup. It also routes documents to the right queues while filtering out spam and unnecessary documents (e.g. duplicates).

Uses intelligent data extraction

Once your documents are prepped, you need a way to quickly extract key information from the documents so they can be used by downstream systems or processes, such as an ERP system or customer database application.

IDP is a data capture solution that can capture specific fields on documents — invoice numbers, customer names, and more. Unlike traditional template-based OCR software, IDP is versatile because it can automatically read and process structured or unstructured data. This results in more accurate information and faster workflows.

Streamlines data validation

Even with automation, there are times when you might need to check your data capture results. IDP makes data validation easier — Rossum’s flexible queuing system routes documents appropriately, promotes efficient actions, and ensures attribute-level accuracy.

Plus, our machine learning technology provides continuous feedback to our core extraction engine. That means that anytime human effort is involved, your IDP system is being trained to improve data extraction. 

Integrates into your existing systems

To ensure that all information gathered during the automation process is stored properly and meets security standards, you should look into integrating your IDP platform into existing business systems.

Rossum offers both pre-built and custom integrations to cover all your bases. Easily join different sources of structured and unstructured data together in order to create an accurate picture of any given set of documents, records, or transactions.

Offers advanced analytics

Get the full scope of your data entry operations with analytics tools. Our built-in reporting and dashboards allow you to view key metrics like document processing time, and drill down into specific users, queues, document types, or even fields.

With access to sophisticated analytics capabilities, you’re able to spot trends that were never before visible with manual procedures. Furthermore, you can leverage these reporting insights to track and optimize your document processing efforts to stay on top of your SLAs.

Get the most innovative data entry solution

Data entry is an important part of any enterprise, but manual processes aren’t enough to keep up with growing volumes of data. In 2023 and beyond, companies need innovative technology that can quickly and accurately enter, process, and manage vast amounts of data.

Replace costly manual data entry with a flexible, accurate, and scalable solution — intelligent document processing. Read how industry leaders are using IDP to accelerate their business initiatives, from improving customer experiences to reducing overhead costs.

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