How This One is saving its customers 75% of their time on document processing with Rossum

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average time saved across This One’s client base

The Challenge

This One is an accounting and consulting firm based in the Czech Republic. With a focus on providing accounting services based on innovative technologies and helping accounting departments, This One’s global mission is to change the world of accounting by connecting it with the world of artificial intelligence and automation.

In the past, the accounting team at This One struggled with the amount of manual data capture and entry tasks preventing the team from doing their job. To solve this, the team at This One started working on improving the automation rates. The ultimate goal was to set up touchless processing in which all extracted invoices automatically get posted into the accounting software with little to no human intervention. The team also needed to automate other manual tasks in accounting departments. Lastly, one of the biggest challenges was onboarding the accounting teams into a new process without changing the job description and with as little mental effort as possible.

The Solution

With This One’s diversified client base, this diversity manifests itself in the variety of document formats and layouts, so the template solutions were out of the running immediately. Instead, the team started looking for a flexible AI solution to learn and adapt quickly. Ultimately, Rossum was chosen for its integrated, easy-to-use UI interface and the exceptional extraction quality it demonstrated with line items and header items. 

In partnership with Rossum, This One deployed an integrated accounting solution for its clients called This App. This App integrates Rossum UI with the Premier ERP system to save time and ensure an error-free, fast, and fully automated accounting process. Rossum supported the accounting team during the initial onboarding and training process, which was crucial because This One’s team also oversees the deployment and integration of This App for its clients.

Denisa Zdarska, Transition & Innovation Manager at This One, says: “Rossum helped our clients’ accounting departments eliminate manual tasks with the help of its AI and automation. Crucially, we were also able to stop using paper invoices, which is a more sustainable option moving forward.”

The Impact

By integrating Rossum UI into This App and leveraging the industry-leading flexible AI to onboard new invoice formats continuously, This One is saving its clients 75% of their time on document processing on average. The solution helps businesses save costs on manual data entry that previously caused significant employee overtime. The company can also appeal to a new portfolio of clients that are innovative and open to new technologies. 

Instead of spending most of their time on administrative tasks, This One’s accountants can now focus on specialized work without having to work overtime, increasing employee satisfaction: “Our employees love Rossum because it helps to reduce the routine work significantly. Instead of manually rewriting invoices, they prefer to spend their time leveraging new technologies,” – says Denisa Zdarska.

“Today, we harness Rossum’s capabilities to help accounting departments with digital transformation. It’s about saving the planet with paperless invoicing and embracing the innovation in accounting all at once while saving costs. We help accountants to survive this new era of digitalization.”

Denisa Zdarska, Transition and Innovation Manager at This One

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