Molson Coors, the world’s fifth largest beer company, wanted to automate invoice processing throughout their entire group of companies. Manual invoice processing had proven to be a tedious, costly, and error-prone chore, making this a high-priority transformation for the brewer.

The synergy between Rossum’s cognitive invoice data capture solution and Blue Prism‘s robotic process automation (RPA) software enabled Molson Coors to achieve their objective. Read on for a detailed overview of this automation success story and the results we were able to achieve together.

Automation success story Rossum and Molson Coors


EY, acting as an RPA integrator, decided to implement a Blue Prism robot to help Molson Coors improve their data extraction. EY offered Molson Coors two options for invoice processing – a traditional OCR provider or Rossum. Molson Coors chose Rossum’s cognitive invoice data capture tool, which can work without any templates thanks to its artificial intelligence (AI) technology.


After an in-depth analysis, Molson Coors decided to proceed with Rossum, due mainly to the following reasons:

No templates – Rossum does not require the setup of any rules or templates, which decreases deployment costs and eliminates recurring maintenance fees.

Fast deployment – The entire process, from deal confirmation to app deployment in the Molson Coors infrastructure, took less than 3 days. This also included connecting Rossum and the Blue Prism robot, setting up fields for extraction, and setting up three Molson Coors accounts with a cloud-based user interface.



The Blue Prism robot collects invoices and sends them to the Rossum platform via email. Upon receiving the invoices, Rossum’s AI engine captures data contained within these documents.

Rossum sends high-confidence data back to Blue Prism robot, which matches the extracted data with POs. The robot then stores the results in the target business system.

The robot sends low-confidence data back to Rossum so a human operator can validate it with Rossum’s user interface. Then the app updates captured data and sends the validated results to the target business system.

Automation process Rossum and Molson Coors


Molson Coors started their internal testing and is now using Rossum as a back-end function to input structured data from invoices into SAP. Since implementing Rossum, invoice data can be extracted without the tedious manual data entry that was once necessary. A custom Rossum app configuration was deployed into Molson Coors’ workflow in mere 3 days, and extraction accuracy has reached 97.3% at this point. Invoice automation is now possible throughout the entire Molson Coors ecosystem, thanks to Rossum’s AI.

Data capture automation results Rossum and Molson Coors

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