How AI OCR works

Employees can accomplish much more when they’re not tied up manually processing documents or creating OCR templates and rules. Capture and export document data more efficiently and cost-effectively with AI OCR technology.

Automate your document processing

AI brings understanding to OCR invoice recognition and unlocks the full potential of OCR automation. How? First, the AI learns templates and naming standards independently, with occasional assistance from a human operator. 

Next, its deep learning capabilities make AI invoice processing as fascinating as a thinking, feeling robot. Let AI OCR handle tedious document tasks — and watch your AP team’s productivity and job satisfaction skyrocket.

AI vs. traditional OCR

AI OCR is a highly accurate yet flexible technology because it doesn’t require specific rules or templates like traditional OCR. From capturing data with speed and precision to automating document workflows, AI OCR supercharges your organization’s efficiency.

Let's compare!

  • Why choose AI software?

    AI helps companies of all sizes minimize the time they spend manually processing documents with a modern approach.

  • Pre-processing

    AI OCR

    No workflow disruption with automatic omni-channel import, including page manipulation

    Traditional OCR

    Depends on specialized equipment and workflows

  • Data capture

    AI OCR

    Template-free with continuous learning and touchless processing

    Traditional OCR

    Rigid, template, rule-based; requires constant correction

  • Validation & UX

    AI OCR

    Easy-to-use and low-touch human supervision

    Traditional OCR

    Inelegant design and requires heavy human intervention

  • Post-processing

    AI OCR

    Configurable business rules enable data integrity; automated communication abilities reduce manual workload

    Traditional OCR

    Requires additional purchases

  • Reporting

    AI OCR

    Process KPIs and insights in real-time; supports third-party business intelligence tools

    Traditional OCR

    Requires additional purchases

  • Security

    AI OCR

    100% cloud-based, secure deployment with SOC 2, ISO 27001, HIPAA, GDPR and CCPA

    Traditional OCR

    Heavy IT involvement and maintenance

  • Integrations

    AI OCR

    Integrates with any REST API with common pre-built integrations available

    Traditional OCR

    Limited integration capabilities

  • Pricing / TCO

    AI OCR

    Transparent, all inclusive, low TCO

    Traditional OCR

    Ongoing IT and maintenance overheads

  • ROI

    AI OCR

    Many-fold return on investment within the first year

    Traditional OCR

    Low, zero, or even negative ROI depending on purchased add-ons


  • Icon

    Feature availability

  • Excellent
    (fully available)

  • Good
    (partially available)

  • Average (needs customization or limited)

  • Fair

  • Poor
    (not available)

Experience the benefits of AI

reduce time to value

Save time and cost

Cloud-based, making it easy to integrate, deploy, and customize

faster validation

Fast ROI

Browser-based, works out of the box for instant data capture


Free up resources

Cut down time spent with manual data entry


Streamline processes

Works with documents, not forms, to improve operational efficiencies

Transform your document workflows

Connect with our automation experts now to explore AI solutions that make your document processing fast and accurate while reducing overhead.