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Read our latest company newsletter where we highlight our new technology partnership with UiPath and our accounting software integration with Dativery. Meet us at our Rossum // Dativery event in Prague or at the UiPath Forward Conference in London! More details below.

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Dear Rossum friends,

Another month has passed, and Autumn has emerged. Rossum is staying focused on new partnerships, our new accounting software integration and spreading the word about the advances in our AI technology. Some events are coming up that we are hosting and attending – we would love to see you there!

We want to thank those who attended our first Webinar last month and made it a success. Read on to catch up with the latest news from Rossum, and find out what to expect in the new season.

What’s new with Rossum?

Dativery logo

Accounting Software Integration
We are first entering the Czech market and have just launched a public beta of the Rossum for Accountants. We built the service together with our integration partner Dativery. Wondering how that works technically? It actually uses just the open Rossum API, and any API user could build a similar service! Read more in a case study we published.

UiPath logo

UiPath’s Newest Technology Partner
We are happy to announce Rossum is now an official technology partner of UiPath, the leading platform for Robotic Process Automation. Included among other well known companies (you’ve heard of Google, IBM, Microsoft and Oracle?), it is now possible for Rossum to be integrated into UiPath’s RPA platform for faster business processes related to invoices.  

MOLSON Coors logo

Molson Coors implements Rossum with the help of EY
Molson Coors, with EY acting as an RPA integrator, chose Rossum to automate invoice processing throughout the whole group of companies. Automation was an urgent issue for Molson Coors, and it took only 3 days for a customized Rossum app to be deployed in their infrastructure, reaching 97.3% accuracy.

What we’ve been working on:

Line items update
We promised you back in August that we are hard at work bringing line item support to our service. We have made huge progress in this direction. Users of the Rossum verification interface can now enjoy much higher quality semi-automatic line item capture, and fully automatic line items extraction is now available in our API output as an experimental feature! We will post a more comprehensive update about the state of our line item data capture on our blog soon.

Rossum’s first Webinar
Last month we hosted our first Webinar – and it was a success! We discussed Rossum’s vision and specific case studies where our cognitive data capture tool was used to automate invoice processing. Check out the slides and recording below and stay tuned for our next Webinar!

Rossum attends UiPath Forward Conference as a Technology Partner
This past month we were invited to attend the UiPath Forward Conference in Miami, Florida as a Technology Partner. Our CEO, Tomas Gogar, spent two days, mingling with other partners and hearing about the latest advances in RPA and AI.

Rossum at UIPath's Forward Conference

What’s upcoming?

Register to attend our Rossum // Dativery Event on Digitization of Accounting
24 October, Prague, Czech Republic

Meet Head of Partners & Alliances, Tobias Rataj, at the UiPath Forward Conference
30 October, London, UK

One question for you: What is one technology that you would love to integrate into your business but haven’t had the opportunity?

Tomas, Petr, & Tomas
Founders of Rossum

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