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Dear Rossum friends,

Rossum creates a world without manual data entry. Our Artificial Intelligence technology enables everyone to automate data extraction, starting with invoices.

Since automated data entry means fewer things for you to worry about, we hope you’ve been enjoying much needed holidays. Meanwhile, we’ve continued to expand our global reach. Catch up on what has been happening in Rossum (our RPA integration) and what is to come in the near future (our Webinar). We’re so glad to have you with us on this journey.

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What’s new with Rossum?

New alliance with Blue Prism
Rossum is proud to announce we have been selected as a Technology Alliance Program affiliate of Blue Prism, the pioneer and maker of enterprise Robotic Process Automation software. Tight integration of Rossum and Blue Prism means easier-than-ever automation of all business processes related to invoices.

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Easy invoice automation with UiPath Studio
We have released a tutorial for fully automating the process of data extraction from invoices in RPA workflows that use UiPath Studio. A sample UiPath script for integration of Rossum Data Extraction API for invoice capture into UiPath automation flows is now available as part of the step-by-step guide.

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EY combined Rossum with RPA to build the next generation solution for invoice automation
One of our clients was facing a strategic issue – increasing numbers of invoices from hundreds of vendors. With the help of UiPath robots, we enabled an end-to-end solution for invoice automation – implemented by our integration partner EY.

What We’ve Been Working On

Technical Integration guide
recently updated with an overview of our API and integration options

Invoice Extraction API
upgraded with automatic field selection using the `filter=best` mode and much better scoring

User interface update
sleek dashboards with full processed documents overview and lightning-fast select-by-click functionality

What’s Upcoming

We have been invited to speak at BoxWorks in San Francisco
29 August 2018

Blue Prism native VBO component to make Rossum a breeze to use in RPA
Autumn 2018

RSVP if you would like to attend our Webinar on Rossum Invoice Capture APIs
September 2018

Meet us at the Future Port Conference in Prague
6-7 September 2018

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Founders of Rossum

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