Integrate Rossum Overnight

Easily customize and integrate our cloud-based, AI-powered invoice data capture platform into your company processes.

Integrating Rossum into your system is so easy you can do it overnight.

Three standard methods for importing invoices and exporting captured data


Directly via the user interface


For versatile API-based integration

Existing integrations

For full data capture automation

Fully customizable behavior

Custom extensions give you the flexibility to

Pre-process extracted data before displaying it in the user interface

Change the behavior of the user interface in response to user actions

Post-process user-validated data

Dive in now

Follow these steps

  • Sign up The free trial gives you both user access and developer access to get you going

  • Configure Rossum Adjust the default list of captured fields to suit your current needs

  • Integrate Rossum Set up a fast and fully automated accounts payable process

  • Customize Rossum Use extensions for static (e.g. business rules) and dynamic (e.g. vendor matching) customization