Rossum Developer Tools

Your toolbox to customize Rossum to your business processes

At Rossum, we believe that our platform should adapt to your business’ needs, not the other way around. Designed with the aim to elevate your document automation experience, our Developer Tools are here to make your processes more efficient and tailored to your unique requirements.

rossum developer tools

Start customizing your document workflows

Master Data Hub

Master Data Hub

Bring data from your system of record and match it against the extracted data.

Duplicate handeling

Duplicate Handling

Streamline duplicate document identification using multiple criteria.

Business rules validation

Business Rules Validation

Ensure data consistency and protect your business.

Numeric calculations

Numeric Calculations

Perform numeric calculations with extracted data (e.g. apply discounts based on given conditions).

Date calculations

Date Calculations

Perform date calculations with extracted data (e.g., how many days until an invoice is due).

Copy & paste

Copy & Paste

Automatically take a value from a field and copy it into another.

Find & replace

Find & Replace

Replace values according to your own business processes.


Value Mapping

Translate a value into another field based on your own references.



Seamlessly import or export data between Rossum and your SFTP or S3.

Unlock seamless development

  • Craft custom extensions with ease in Python or NodeJS;
  • Effortlessly debug with user-accessible logs from extensions;
  • Visualize platform setup with a dependency graph;
  • Create dedicated automation blockers to customize your workflows;
  • Harness the full potential of our API with comprehensive documentation at your fingertips.


Discover the full power of our transaction document automation platform