Blue Prism RPA Meets Rossum AI

Blue Prism has recently unveiled its Digital Exchange, an intelligent automation marketplace that presents downloadable assets with pre-built artificial intelligence. This revolutionary one-stop shop helps companies add skills to digital workers through cognitive and disruptive technologies. We are thrilled to be a part of the Blue Prism ecosystem, as well as being a new Technology Affiliance Partner. Find out how our partnership works, and how you can incorporate automated invoice data capture into your business process with minimum human involvement.

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Molson Coors Implements Cognitive Invoice Data Capture Tool

Molson Coors is a multinational brewing company whose origins date back over 230 years. Famous brands span the globe with products ranging from beer and cider, to non-alcoholic beverages and coolers. Ranked #5 for the world’s largest beer companies, and #5 for worldwide sales in 2018. Molson Coors has shaped the brewing industry and has unparalleled staying power.

Molson Coors implemented Blue Prism robot, with EY acting as an RPA integrator, and chose Rossum’s Elis to automate invoice processing throughout the whole group of companies. Continue reading


News from Rossum: Making the difference in RPA

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Dear Rossum friends,

Rossum creates a world without manual data entry. Our Artificial Intelligence technology enables everyone to automate data extraction, starting with invoices.

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Automating data extraction from invoices using Rossum API and UiPath

In this tutorial, you will learn how to fully automate the process of data extraction from invoices using UiPath Studio and Rossum Elis Data Extraction API. Rossum’s cognitive data capture technology is unique because it does not require an explicit setup for every invoice template, but is able to find information out of the box. In this example, we’ll start with a directory with PDF files and/or images, and get a CSV spreadsheet containing the values of automatically extracted fields for each invoice.

No programming skills are needed, but some familiarity with UiPath Studio is assumed to comfortably follow the tutorial. If you’re new to UiPath, check out their UiPath Studio Guide at Even if you do not plan to use UiPath, this tutorial may give you a blueprint to follow – also check out our Technical Integration Guide for more bird’s eye background.

This solution was created in cooperation with EY Czech Republic RPA team led by Antonín Raizl, EY CZ & SK RPA Hub Leader. Find more at EY is one of Rossum’s main RPA integration partners – read our UiPath case study to learn more about how EY used an end-to-end solution based on Rossum Elis and UiPath to solve an urgent issue for one of our clients.

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