Blue Prism RPA Meets Rossum AI

Blue Prism has recently unveiled its Digital Exchange, an intelligent automation marketplace that presents downloadable assets with pre-built artificial intelligence. This revolutionary one-stop shop helps companies add skills to digital workers through cognitive and disruptive technologies. We are thrilled to be a part of the Blue Prism ecosystem, as well as being a new Technology Affiliance Partner. Find out how our partnership works, and how you can incorporate automated invoice data capture into your business process with minimum human involvement.

Blue Prism RPA meets Rossum

Invoice Data Capture
The cognitive data capture technology of Rossum enables users to easily capture data from documents with variable layouts such as invoices. Traditionally, data from invoices needed to be captured by humans or by expensive, manually tailored solutions. This was an impediment to the automation of invoice processing, but Rossum’s deep neural networks can understand complex documents without the setup of rules or templates. Blue Prism customers can now benefit from Rossum’s end-to-end automation with minimum human involvement.

The first step towards automation is to obtain a Secret API Key so that you can send invoices to Rossum’s data capture engine. A Blue Prism robot submits invoice images or PDF’s  to Rossum’s cognitive engine for the retrieval of invoice fields. The end user can validate the extracted data in Rossum’s verification user interface. The validated data can be used in sub-processes within Blue Prism robot(s) or integrated to downstream applications. Rossum’s AI learns from user input, thus constantly improving its data capture skills.

Setup & Configuration of VBO
Once you receive the Secret API Key, the setup and configuration is straightforward: to use this object, you need to download the object (from the Digital Exchange) and save the xml to a folder of your choice. Then you need to import the object using the Blue Prism client’s File > Import Menu as you would do with any other object. You need to import two Blue Prism Utility Business Objects called Utility – HTTP and Utility – File Management.

Processing flow diagram

Rossum with Blue Prism - processing flow diagram

How it can work for you
Our customers have achieved (in production) field level accuracy of 98%. This simple VBO is meant as a starting point for your invoice automation with Rossum and Blue Prism. You are welcome to enhance the code. If you need a more complex functionality, please consider our Document Management API in your robotic implementation.

Rossum can bring the following benefits:

  • No template set-up needed – works from day 1
  • Handles PDF and JPG invoice file formats and outputs data in csv, xml, JSON
  • Speeds up data entry by 6x compared to manual entry
  • Easy and fast integration of Rossum into Blue Prism automations

As Rossum’s Chief AI Architect, Petr Baudis, explains in Blue Prism’s Press Release, “At Rossum, we believe that manual data entry is literally a waste of human time and we are working together with Blue Prism to simply eliminate it from business processes. Our first focus is invoices, where our disruptive technology truly streamlines accounts payable for companies of all sizes. Rossum users can automatically capture information from all kinds of invoice layouts from day one and leverage Blue Prism to easily integrate our service with their existing systems.”

If you are interested in an invoice data extraction solution, do not hesitate to contact us or simply get your Secret API Key and download the asset on Blue Prism’s Digital Exchange.

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