Webinar – Automating Invoice Processing with UiPath

Automating invoice processing has always been a very complicated process – manual setup of templates and system integration can take up to 6 months and very often does not bring the expected results. Rossum and UiPath are changing that. In this webinar, Michal Klodner, CTO @ InnovationPath and Tomas Gogar, CEO @ Rossum show how UiPath and Rossum’s cognitive data capture platform Elis can work together.

Join this webinar on 20th March at 4pm GMT and discover:

  • How to automate invoice data capture in less than an hour
  • Example of Rossum and UiPath integration (example UiPath workflows provided)
  • How to fit this integration into your process
  • How to automate PO matching

Register to join Michal Klodner, CTO of InnovationPath, and Tomas Gogar, CEO of Rossum, as they explain how UiPath and Rossum technologies work together.

NOTE: Basic UiPath experience is required to understand all of the concepts explained in this webinar.


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