Webinar – Automating Invoice Processing with UiPath

Automating invoice processing has always been a very complicated process – manual setup of templates and system integration can take up to 6 months and very often does not bring the expected results. Rossum and UiPath are changing that. In this webinar, Michal Klodner, CTO @ InnovationPath and Tomas Gogar, CEO @ Rossum show how UiPath and Rossum’s cognitive data capture platform can work together.

Join this webinar on 20th March at 4pm GMT and discover:

Register to join Michal Klodner, CTO of InnovationPath, and Tomas Gogar, CEO of Rossum, as they explain how UiPath and Rossum technologies work together.

Webinar Automate invoice processing with UiPath

NOTE: Basic UiPath experience is required to understand all of the concepts explained in this webinar.

*This webinar has passed, but please feel free to check out the plug&play example.

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