Invoice processing automation made easier with Rossum and Blue Prism

Acknowledgement: This Blue Prism asset was built by Ren Røros Intelligent Automation.

Invoice processing automation is possible with this asset and it can be incorporated into your business to achieve the following benefits:

In cooperation with Senior Automation Architect, Peter Lacken, from Ren Røros Intelligent Automation, Rossum has launched an updated asset for our data extraction solution. The solution is document agnostic, so invoices, receipts, credit notes, basically any semi-structured document, can be processed. Combining the power of Rossum with Blue Prism’s technology, this asset is designed to accelerate document handling business processes.

What is this asset?

This asset is meant as a starting point for your invoice automation with Rossum and Blue Prism and Rossum welcomes you to enhance the code. Rossum has developed a command line tool, elisctl, which will help make changes more easily. Using elisctl, it is convenient to set up, change or delete your queues, schemas, users, or workspaces.

Getting started:

  • You will need credentials to a default trial account. If you don’t have one yet, you can create an account here (free for <300 invoices per month).
  • The skill file can be downloaded from Blue Prism Digital Exchange and imported into Blue Prism.

After creating a trial account, enter the username and password received from Rossum into the Blue Prism Credentials “Rossum API”.

You are now set to open the Blue Prism Process Studio and start your integration with Rossum.  

The following skill actions are available:

  • Login
  • List All Queues
  • Upload Documents
  • Get Document Status
  • Get Exported Document Results
  • Logout

This will provide the functionality required for you to find the appropriate queue to post to, upload a PDF or image file to Rossum for analysis, periodically check the status and retrieve the results once the document has the exported status.  A typical flow might look something like this:

Blue Prism and Rossum integration

How does a document get to the exported status?

Rossum’s solution provides the flexibility you need to decide when an uploaded document is complete and ready for Blue Prism to continue the process. For “full automation”, the queues can be configured to automatically export a document based on a predefined document data analysis score. For “human in the loop” processes, a person can verify the results, correct and/or add additional document data before exporting the document manually.  Different documents can be handled with different levels of automation by creating additional queues.

Helpful resources:

For any questions or support regarding the asset, please do not hesitate to reach out.  

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