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In this month’s product update, we’ve released powerful new features to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of your data capture processes and improve user experience. Check out the upgrades we launched last month and feel free to get back to us with your feedback about the platform and our services. Subscribe to get the latest updates in your inbox!

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Editing tool

We’ve introduced a new editing tool that enables you to split a multi-page document into multiple new documents, and rotate and delete selected pages.

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To access the editing tool, click on the “edit” icon on the right-side toolbar in the validation view. This feature is currently disabled in embedded mode.

User Management

Adding new users is now a breeze! The user management feature enables you to create new users, assign them to queues, and much more, directly in the platform UI. You no longer have to use the laborious elisctl command-line configuration tool to change user settings.

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To access this feature, click on the gear icon in the top left corner of the document list.

Mass actions in the document list

We redesigned the document list, which now enables batch selection of documents for performing key actions such as delete, review, or postpone.

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Accent extraction

Rossum’s OCR engine can now extract accents in German and Czech character sets. Moreover, the engine now recognizes special characters such as “[”, “]”, “&”, and “!”.

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Full automation

For greater convenience, the platform now offers a full automation setting that processes documents completely according to various criteria, without requiring human validation. Choose from three automation configurations: 

  • No automation
  • Partial automation, based on the confidence score of the AI engine or validation using custom business rules
  • Full automation, where all documents with no validation errors are exported

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Metadata updates

Queue, annotation, and user metadata are now passed to connector API calls. This means connectors can be implemented without the need to call back the API to find out more details about updates they receive. You can use this to, for example, get the target system user ID or implement queue-specific behaviour configuration.

Custom UI extensions

Now you can add buttons to the validation interface. These buttons can either open a pop-up window where you can, for instance, add a new supplier to a database or view the source of an email. They can also trigger a “validate” connector call (e.g. to manually recompute specific monetary amounts). 

Read more at custom UI extension.

User Experience Updates


Improved table validation messages

The presentation of messages in the UI footer during line item validation is now much clearer. Spotting errors and directing them to the correct cell is now a piece of cake.

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