Data Capture with Elis

The next generation invoice data capture tool that works without any specific rule or template setup. Thanks to artificial intelligence.

How Elis works?

Seamless integration into your current workflow and processes


Import your invoice

Elis downloads PDF or scanned invoices from your mailbox, shared drive or forwarded email.


Invoice data extraction in progress

Elis automatically extracts data by AI, without any template, from the invoice to a structured format.

Invoice result



Validate data in optional
user interface.

Invoice result validation


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Receive your data/ system integration

Structured data are automatically imported into your ERP or accounting system for further processing (eg. payments)

Possible integrations

Why are we different

No template setup

No template

Use from day one for any invoice layout. There is no need to setup templates. This means ROI the same quarter.

Productivity game changer

Productivity game changer

Elis offers 6× speedup of data entry compared to a manual process, according to our user study.

Human-level accuracy

Human-level accuracy

Elis is able to extract data from very diverse invoices thanks to Rossum's state-of-the-art AI, inspired by how humans approach finding information.

Unrivaled interface

Unrivaled interface

We are racing to bring the average user time per data field below one second in the maximally streamlined Elis verification interface.
(see it in action)

How do we make it

Unlike traditional OCR tools, Elis requires no specific rule or template setup — it is ready to extract data from a wide variety of invoices right away. This is thanks to Rossum's proprietary deep learning technology that infers the underlying general structure of invoices.

Sample invoice

Trusted by leading

Success stories

RPA: Molson Coors implements cognitive invoice data capture tool

Molson Coors implemented Blue Prism robot, with EY acting as an RPA integrator. They chose Rossum’s Elis to solve their invoice processing for all brands throughout the whole group of companies, reaching 97.3% accuracy.

Cognitive invoice data
capture as part of DMS

Elis enabled a DMS provider to offer complex services for invoice automation on top of their EDI competencies. The final solution does not require any template setup and reaches human-level accuracy when extracting data from invoices with various layouts.

RPA: EY partnership for the next generation invoice process

EY partnered with Rossum in order to create an end-to-end next generation tool for invoice processing that does not require rules or templates and significantly increases level of automation.

Automating invoice posting in accounting platforms with Dativery one-click integration

Rossum chose Dativery, as an early technical partner to provide connectivity between a wide spectrum of API-enabled accounting software. In this one-click integration, Elis is used for data capture functions within the accounting platforms.

Publicly traded
beverage producer

Rossum’s client receives invoices from hundreds of vendors in very different formats, with over 3 minutes SAP posting time. Rossum’s Elis enabled the client to capture data from invoices without any supplier configuration and accuracy over 95% at the same time.

Developer Edition

A self-service access to the direct API interface of the neural networks for invoice extraction.

Feature availableData Extraction API
(See the docs)

Feature availableHTTP API Interface
Feature availablePython package & CLI


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Business Edition

Seamless integration into your current workflow and processes. Suitable for organizations of all sizes.

Feature availableEmail Gateway
Feature availableRPA Integration
Feature availableDirect Integration

Feature availableVerification Interface
Feature availableIntegration Connectors
Feature availableBusiness Rules

Feature availablePriority Queuing
Feature availableCustomized Training

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For Partners

Services, integration and technology partners benefit from easy integration and rapid learning.

Feature availableData Extraction API
(See the docs)
Feature availableDocument Management API
(See the docs)
Integration Whitepaper

Feature availableVerification Interface
Feature availableIntegration Connectors
Feature availableBusiness Rules

Feature availablePriority Queuing
Feature availablePartner Enablement

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