Minimize effort required to check and validate your data capture results.

When humans need to review results the process needs to be simple and easy. When this is necessary, Rossum streamlines the process by passing detailed, attribute level variables into the validation workflows. The result is incredibly fast review times per document, reducing human effort while at the same time improving the data capture process.

Flexible Queuing

Organize work with a flexible queuing system.

Organizing validation efforts can save time and make manual work much more efficient. Rossum routes documents into an infinitely extensible folder system, each with their own business rules and workflows. The result is a flexible system that adapts so your process can be as efficient and productive as possible.


Attribute-level confidence

Ensure efficient actions with attribute level accuracy and confidence.

Rapidly address feedback with an ergonomic, intuitive visual GUI. Conduct exception handling with a blazing fast point and click interface. Prioritize work based on time and value as the core AI engine calculates accuracy and confidence for each attribute.


Ergonomic user interface

Make every second of effort simple, efficient, and productive.

Every second of human effort is precious, driving time (and ultimately cost) with each click, keystroke, or mouseover. Inefficient validation processes can cost your company massive amounts of time, energy, and budget in your process. Rossum streamlines this step with a modern, ergonomic interface designed to take advantage of every point of human interaction. This interaction is evaluated and sent back to the capture engine to improve and minimize human effort on an ongoing basis.


Implicit training

Train and improve the core engine with each and every click.

Anytime a human is involved in data validation that time is precious and expensive. Rossum takes full advantage of every click with continuous feedback sent right back to the core extraction engine. As a result, no click or mouse movement is wasted and the need for human involvement declines over time.


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