The scalable, flexible, and template-free IDP solution

Rossum is your partner in achieving transformative digital success. Our scalable and flexible intelligent document processing solution is designed to meet the demands of modern technologists like you. Handle all of your document processing workflows in one cloud-based platform, with a template-free approach that will free up hours of IT maintenance time.

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one platform

One platform, multiple document workflows

With Rossum, you get one platform that can handle multiple document processing workflows end to end, from document capture all the way into your system of record. Say goodbye to siloed tools and embrace centralized efficiency.

we adapt

We adapt to you, not the other way around

Rossum offers a highly customizable IDP platform with a microservices architecture, low-code extensions, editable code, and seamless integrations that can be customized and scaled to match your operational needs and workflows.


ROI-driven & template free

You’re not just interested in technical features; you need a solution that delivers tangible business outcomes. Rossum reduces overheads and eliminates the hassle of managing upgrades, resulting in improved operational efficiency and a reduced Total Cost of Ownership.

data protection

Data protection: our priority, your peace of mind

In your role, cybersecurity and data governance are paramount. Rossum’s secure cloud-native platform ensures your sensitive data is protected while offering the flexibility and scalability you demand.

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automated approval workflows

Automated approval workflows

cloud-native platform

Cloud-native platform

certified integrations

Out-of-the box, certified integrations

template-free document processing

Template-free approach to document processing

ergonomic UI built for business users

Ergonomic UI built for business users

business rules to adapt to your processes

Business rules to adapt to your processes

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Recognized as a leader in AI document processing


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