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Manual document processing results in data entry error, inefficiency, and wasted money. Rossum’s AI-powered document processing solution automates data consolidation. Clearing bottlenecks in your workflows. 

Enter your details in our Automation ROI Calculator to see how much you could save, to invest elsewhere. We can help drive more business impact for your investment, and increase efficiency and productivity.

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We can help you save a lot more, both on the operational and strategic level (transaction visibility, spend control, fraud prevention, shortened transaction cycles). Find out how Rossum can revolutionize your end-to-end document processing.

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  • How were the results from Rossum’s automation ROI calculator reached?

    To calculate your ROI, we’ve taken the number of documents and how long it takes to process them manually. Based on this result, we know how many FTEs are required and we’ve taken into account your FTE cost and the time savings you can reach with Rossum through your automation level. Based on these values we were able to calculate your ROI. The average time saved is based on our customer data and how much time they saved on average given their automation level.

  • How does automated document processing strategically benefit my business?

    As you’ve seen with our automation ROI calculator, using manual data entry or working with a substandard OCR/document processing solution can take a serious bite out of your budget. Working with an automated document processing solution addresses more than just data entry, solving many other pain points

    • Inefficient data entry leads to wasted resources and late payment penalties
    • An inferior UX for accounts contributes to increased churn of employees, putting a strain on HR
    • Weak internal collaboration will increase time chasing approvals across the board, creating potential compliancy breaches
    • Communication bottlenecks with suppliers leads to time wasted chasing the correct documents and answering suppliers’ questions, creating bad relationships and problematic SLAs
    • No internal checks and low match rates increases the risk of fraud
    • Lack of high quality data limits your understanding of the real costs that could lead to cost savings
    • High IT maintenance costs as your team is forced to maintain an inadequate document processing solution

    Rossum’s intelligent document processing platform automates the entire document lifecycle – data capture, validation, pre- and post-processing, approval workflows, reporting dashboards. Reducing manual data entry, team fatigue, and payment penalties.

  • Why is intelligent document processing critical for accounts payable processes?

    IDP automates the AP processes – capture, extraction, matching, approvals, validation – from multiple sources, including printed text and images, digital documents like PDFs, and hand written text. Rossum’s cloud-native AI-enabled solution is low-code and zero templates, so you can automate your AP workflow end-to-end. Saving time and money. Our AP automation ROI calculator will show you how much investing in Rossum’s platform will bring to your AP team.

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