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Onboarding & KYC

Streamline operations, accelerate turnaround, and avoid costly errors with Rossum’s cloud-native document processing powered by AI.


Customer onboarding and KYC are crucial processes for customer experiences and managing risk across your business. But today the onboarding process is mired in complexity, manual data entry, and “swivel chair” processes. Rossum eliminates this complexity with an end-to-end document automation platform purpose built to minimize the time your organization spends on manual data entry.

increase efficiency

Increase efficiency

Eliminate the excessive manual effort associated with data entry and document processing with existing systems.

improve onboarding experience

Improve onboarding experience

Make your new hires feel welcome by reducing the amount of paperwork needed to onboard and streamlining key processes.

avoid errors

Avoid errors

Avoid the typos associated with manual document processing and data entry into your core systems of record.

Featured Customer Story

How Giri saves up to 99% of its time on each document with Rossum

To support the onboarding process, Rossum’s solution engineering team provided consulting sessions and developer-friendly APIs documentation to ensure smooth integration of Rossum’s AI into Giri’s Doscpoint user interface. Rossum’s integration with Docspoint helps Giri’s clients, predominantly accounting agencies, to automatically process and extract data from any accounting documents before they are sent to the downstream accounting software and electronically archived.

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