DoDo reduces time per document by 75% with Rossum

  • 75%

    reduction in processing time

  • <1 min

    time per document

DoDo provides a universal same-day delivery and last-mile logistics technology provider in several European countries. The company employs thousands of couriers and their proprietary logistic platform, powered by advanced machine learning, which gives them the ability to deliver as efficiently as possible.

The Challenge

DoDo used to be flooded with documents, each of which went through at least four processing stages: registration in company records upon receipt, data entry into an Excel spreadsheet, data entry into an accounts payable report, and approval. An office manager paid each invoice individually via Internet banking. At the end of every month, paper copies of invoices were compiled and sent to DoDo’s accounting company. The controlling department prepared reports based on outputs from various systems, including operations, invoicing, and the Excel spreadsheets it used to keep track of paper invoices. 

DoDo wanted a partner that could help it set up data capture processes and provide professional support for internal teams to help the company save time and money.

The Solution

We have worked with our integration partner ThisOne to provide DoDo with a tailored solution integrated with their ERP system Premier. It took them just a short moment to tailor Rossum’s user interface to DoDo’s requirements of handling the details about orders and payment centers that identically matched the company’s accounting system.

It now takes DoDo less than a minute to process a document, and all activities related to the document are done at a single place – in Rossum’s user interface. This includes managing order and cost center details and carrying out postings.

The Benefit

Rossum and ThisOne are helping DoDo cut its accounting costs by enabling the company to do most of its accounting internally. Since adopting Rossum’s solution, DoDo has reduced its document processing time by well over 75%.

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