Learn how Molsen Coors reduced time spent per document by 85% with the Document Automation Cloud

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Molson Coors is the world’s fifth largest beer company. Their brands include Coors Light, Miller Light, Molson Canadian, Carling and Staropramen.

The Challenge

Molson Coors needed to automate invoice processing throughout their entire group of companies. Manual invoice processing became a high priority transformation for the brewer since it had proven to be a tedious, costly, and error-prone chore.

The Solution

EY, acting as an RPA integrator, decided to implement a Blue Prism robot to improve Molson Coors’ invoice processing workflow. EY offered the company two options for invoice processing – a traditional OCR provider or Rossum. Molson Coors chose Rossum’s cognitive data capture platform.

The Blue Prism robot collects invoices and sends them to the Rossum platform via email. Upon receiving the invoices, Rossum’s AI engine captures data contained within these documents. Rossum sends high-confidence data back to the robot, which matches the extracted data with POs. The robot then stores the results in the target SAP system. The robot keeps low-confidence data in Rossum, and human operators validate these using Rossum’s user interface and the robot grabs back the validated data later.

The Impact

Since implementing Rossum, invoice data can be extracted without the tedious manual data entry that was once necessary. At this point, Rossum’s extraction accuracy was last measured at 97.3%.

Rossum fulfilled the promise of easy deployment – the configuration step was trivial and integration and rollout with the BluePrism workflow was finished within a 3 days timeline. No effort was spent on setting up any data capture templates and Rossum proved its flexibility towards long tail documents.

Invoice automation is now possible throughout the entire Molson Coors ecosystem thanks to Rossum’s AI.

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