Giri saves up to 70% of its time on each document



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Giri is a dynamically growing startup that develops software solutions for accounting. Little to no standardization in accounting document layouts of Giri’s clients made data extraction a challenging process.

The Challenge

Giri sought a solution to enable automated processing and data extraction from different accounting documents such as invoices and receipts. Reaching quick time to value was a big priority, and the team needed to ramp up and adopt the solution fast.

Giri’s proprietary software, Docspoint, needed to be integrated into the selected software with as little IT and development effort as possible.

The Solution

To support the onboarding process, Rossum’s solution engineering team provided consulting sessions and developer-friendly APIs documentation to ensure smooth integration of Rossum’s AI into Giri’s Doscpoint user interface.

Rossum’s integration with Docspoint helps Giri’s clients, predominantly accounting agencies, to automatically process and extract data from any accounting documents before they are sent to the downstream accounting software and electronically archived. 

The Impact

With at least 70% time saved on document processing, Giri believes that the number of its customers that benefit from Rossum’s integration into Docspoint will constantly increase over the next several years. 

With its automated data extraction capabilities, Rossum is a valuable enabler for more efficient processing of accounting documents, helping Giri’s customers minimize the manual work while entering documents into their respective downstream systems.

“With its automated data extraction, Rossum is a valuable enabler of more efficient processing of any accounting documents that minimizes the repetitive manual work of entering documents data. Rossum does not require any pre-set templates compared to other similar tools, so using it is much easier.”

Jiri Hosek, Managing Director, Giri

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