Rossum Aurora: All the benefits of LLMs, none of the hallucinations

LLMs, Generative AI – the Intelligent Document Processing game is changing fast. But hold your horses – with great innovation comes great responsibility. Say hello to Rossum Aurora – our answer to pushing IDP boundaries while keeping safety and user experience front and center. We’re setting new standards for accuracy, speed of learning and automation while mitigating the risks associated with LLMs, such as hallucinated values. On the way to our mission: one person, effortlessly processing one million transactions a year.

Rossum Aurora: Tailor-made for your transactional documents

When it comes to transactional document automation, there is no time for chatting to your documents or crafting complex prompts, no space for Gen AI hallucinations and data leaks. Documents need to be handled accurately, quickly and safely across the journey – from data capture to discrepancy communication – which is just not possible to achieve when using 3rd party LLMs. 

Rossum Aurora, our next generation AI, rises to meet these demands and provide true impact for businesses looking to transform their processes. Our advanced AI is powered by our proprietary Transactional Large Language Model (T-LLM), trained on millions of richly annotated documents – the largest data set of the kind in the industry. Based on two years of rigorous research to safely apply LLMs to intelligent document processing.

Say hi to unparalleled accuracy and instant learning – say bye to hallucinations and data leaks.

“We are excited by Rossum’s next-generation AI, which has increased automation rates after only a few documents in each new layout. We feel we can trust it to automate more and more transactional documents to drive efficiency and productivity gains across the business.”

Vishal Karkala, Product Lead Supply Chain & Inventory at Wolt

The tried and tested results from our Early Adopter program are pretty amazing. Here’s the value they were able to extract from using Rossum Aurora:  

  • 10x fewer documents needed to reach the desired accuracy.
  • An average 37.6% reduction in errors compared to the previous generation of our artificial intelligence. 
  • 0 hallucinated values, one of the traditional risks associated with LLMs.
Average speed of learning for Rossum Aurora, based on the results of our Early Adopter program

Rossum Aurora creates value across the document automation journey

Here are the Rossum Aurora features we are releasing as part of this launch, for maximum impact across the document automation journey. 

  • Aurora for Instant Learning: Seamlessly train the AI to adapt to new document formats and fields with remarkable speed. No technical expertise required; witness real-time learning through intuitive collaboration.

“We tested Rossum Aurora, it was amazing. It got the first invoice 80% correct, then the next 100%. I would never ever change Rossum for anything else.” 

Ondrej Beranek, Executive Director, Veolia Support Services
  • Aurora for Complex Tables: Effortlessly capture intricate line items through our ergonomic UI, revolutionizing how you handle complex data extraction.

“Rossum’s Aurora for Complex Tables offers an improvement in how data is captured by speeding up the processing of tables for our team, saving us time.”

Laurent Laeheb, Business Intelligence Analyst, Bolloré Logistics
  • Aurora for Email Communication: Up to 12% of transactional documents contain discrepancies that need to be manually handled through emails. Resolve discrepancies swiftly with AI-powered email generation.

“Rossum has thought through the entire document journey, including discrepancy handling. The power of Rossum Aurora getting visibly smarter after each document, combined with a Gen-AI feature to automate supplier communication, makes it incredibly easy to demonstrate value (…).”

Benedikt Anselment, Co-Founder at NOA

  • Aurora for Splitting and Sorting: Streamline your workflow by automatically organizing batches of documents. Human-in-the-loop functionality ensures rapid error correction and continuous improvement.
Rossum Aurora creates value across the document journey with new features for document splitting and sorting, instant learning, complex tables, and email communication.
Rossum Aurora creates value across the document journey

Rossum Aurora: AI that brings real customer value

Rossum Aurora isn’t just about cutting-edge technology; it’s about delivering tangible value to our customers. 

  • AI you can trust: Benefit from the latest AI innovations without compromising on reliability. Rossum Aurora’s trustworthy automation ensures peace of mind, flagging low-confidence instances and safeguarding against data breaches.

“We are enthusiastic over Rossum’s performance and its capability to quickly learn and adapt to the wide range of Tonnage Certificates used by the shipping agencies! This has also really been helpful in building the team’s trust and confidence in this automation initiative.”

Arthur Philippa, Lead RPA Developer at Port of Rotterdam Authority
  • AI you can control: Take the reins with quick, intuitive human-AI collaboration. Customize outputs to suit your business needs and witness instant learning at scale.

“With Rossum Aurora, we’ve seen a huge increase in data quality – it’s 30% better than the previous version. We’re excited to continue working with it and seeing the immediate positive impact making small corrections can have on the overall performance.”

Albert J Facenda III, Director of Cash Administration at NFI Industries
  • AI that delivers business impact: Save time, increase efficiency, and drive bottom-line results. With Rossum Aurora, you can streamline processes, free up capacity, and deploy solutions rapidly without extensive IT resources.
Benefits of Rossum Aurora: AI that delivers business impact, AI that delivers control, and most importantly, AI you can trust.
Benefits of Rossum Aurora: AI that delivers business impact, AI that delivers control, and most importantly, AI you can trust.

Why can’t Rossum’s T-LLM hallucinate values? 

Our R&D team spent two years working on our Transactional Large Language Model (T-LLM), and I know the technical explanation is much more complicated than the analogy I am about to make. However, for any non-technical person, here is a way to visualize it.  

Most Gen AI models have the ability to freely generate content. In the context of AI document processing, that means you give the model a pen and a blank piece of paper, ask it to look at a document and write down specific information (invoice number, amount due, bank account, etc.). In this set up, if the AI couldn’t find the information, it could potentially make up a value and write it down as the correct answer. 

To solve this problem, instead of giving the AI a pen, we give it a highlighter. Thus, it can only locate and highlight information in a document, rather than generate it from scratch – which prevents any risks of hallucinated values.

Experience the impact of Generative AI on Intelligent Document Processing

Don’t take our word for it. Experience the transformative power of Rossum Aurora firsthand. Our proof of concept approach allows you to test the waters risk-free, leveraging your own documents and our expertise at no cost.

Embrace the future of Intelligent Document Processing with Rossum Aurora – where innovation meets trust, and efficiency knows no bounds. Try it today and unlock the full potential of your document automation journey.

For existing Rossum customers who would like to hear more about Rossum Aurora and its features. Get in touch with your account manager, and we will discuss how to best make it happen.

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