Building an IDP Marketplace for All

David Jamieson, Head of Alliances

Building a like-minded community of individuals and corporations can be a daunting challenge. Back in 2021, when we first rolled out our Rossum Marketplace, we had the simple idea of making it easier for customers and partners to build out and customize their IDP solutions. 

Think of it as an Apple-like app store where both technical and non-technical people can have a one-stop shop and direct access to AI-enabled document process capabilities.

Drag and Drop Access to AI-Enabled IDP Solutions

The simple truth is that not all marketplaces are created equally. So, what’s new with Rossum Marketplace? One of the biggest challenges with IDP implementations is that they can be costly and time-consuming due to poor integrations.

Rossum Marketplace solves this problem by giving customers an à la carte menu of options that make it simple to build highly flexible and customizable end-to-end IDP solutions without requiring support from software developers.

The low-code capabilities of the Rossum platform enable customers to drag and drop these ready-made extensions, helping to avoid lengthy implementations and complex setup procedures. Here’s a quick overview of what’s possible:

Pooling Together the Best Technologies

Over the past few months, Rossum has added dozens of new connectors and API integration options that support enterprise software heavyweights, such as SAP, Workday, UiPath, and Blue Prism. These APIs connect and integrate with existing IT systems and processes, making Rossum a platform for AI-enabled document processing that is scalable, secure, and sustainable.

Unlike other technology marketplaces that offer limited capabilities and require complex integrations, we give customers an easy way to integrate document processing more closely with existing CRM, RPA, and BPM applications.

Who Benefits

So, who can really make the most of these capabilities? Any accounts payable department can take advantage of the Rossum Marketplace to speed up, or even eliminate manual processes. We can help automate a wide variety of financial documents, such as invoices, statements, contracts, and more.

This automation allows for faster payment processing because it eliminates the need for re-keying information from one system to another. Plus, it helps ensure accuracy and timeliness when making payments and saves time in the long run.

Another key market would be supply chain logistics. Transportation, logistics, and supply chain companies face a deluge of paperwork related to customs, delivery tracking, scheduling, and invoicing. We have several specific solutions to help organizations digitally transform the way they expedite, automate, and verify critical documents.

What’s Next? 

Rossum will continue to add new APIs and integrations to build out the world’s most robust IDP community. We also realize that we can’t do it alone. We’re the sum of our parts here!

Rossum and its broad partner ecosystem are helping deliver intelligent document processing capabilities with just a few clicks of a mouse. Our vision and ambition are differentiated in how we apply cutting-edge AI and machine learning systems to automate every stage of the document lifecycle — pre-processing, data capture, validation, post-processing, and reporting.

We’re just getting started and more details will be shared in the weeks and months ahead. If you have any questions or wish to share feedback, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me directly at

Make implementation a breeze

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