Easily Implement Common Functions with Rossum Marketplace

Leverage pre-built extensions and integrations to automate your workflow and easily add entirely new capabilities.

What if it took just a few clicks to select Rossum automation to handle your specific document types, document exchange workflow, and integration needs? Rossum Marketplace is our integrated extension hub that helps you do just that.

Save time

Rossum Marketplace prebuilt extensions and integrations save organizations money and overhead by reducing time to value. No more lengthy implementations and complex setup projects. Installing these ready-made extensions takes just a few clicks. It’s just like adding a new app to your phone!

“The entire process, from deal confirmation to app deployment in the Molson Coors infrastructure, took less than 3 days.”


Reduce effort and complexity

Rossum Marketplace helps to do away with cross-team and cross-system complexity. Leverage ready-made extensions to automatically extract and export key fields data. All your team needs to do is quickly validate pre-captured data in the most intuitive user interface on the market. Besides taking just seconds, this step ensures that AI learns and improves with each click.

“For us, Rossum was the most straightforward solution to integrate and implement. We were incredibly fortunate to be able to deploy quickly and continue our business as usual without any interruptions.”

Cut costs

Let Rossum do the heavy lifting when it comes to document sorting and routing, automated business rules validation, and data extraction. Combine several extensions together to create more comprehensive document workflows.

“Rossum made our project economical because their experts took to customizing the platform as needed.”



Choosing the Rossum Marketplace customization means choosing no organizational overhead and minimizing developer time with just minutes to set up.

Rossum Marketplace

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